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Couple issues with 8. NumLock and Notification Behaviors

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    Couple issues with 8. NumLock and Notification Behaviors

    Hey All,

    New to the forum, I googled high and low to find a solution, to no avail. I have two quite annoying issues that will not correct. First being low disk space notification. I know how to change the behavior, I keep selecting "hide icon and notification" but every time I restart my computer, it shows back up and has decided to change it self back to "Only show notifications" And it is quite annoying, I know the space is low, I don't need to be reminded of it, I am also not concerned about it because it is my OS partition, all files and everything else are stored elsewhere, all programs I should ever need are installed, I am fine with the space on my drive, I DON'T want this stupid notification, and I tell the computer I don't want it, and it changes it back anyway.

    Next issue is NumLock. Every computer I have had for a long time had an option to have numlock default ON, as I use the numeric key pad A LOT and am excited to finally have a laptop with a numeric pad. I have accepted the habit of pressing the numlock button, but would really like to fix it...I googled this issue as well, and found to go through regedit and change th value to "2" which it already I changed it to "0" restarted, still off, changed it back to "2", still stays off. I've changed the value and restarted several times, and there is no change being made.

    I have an HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b011nr with Windows 8. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You in Advance,


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    Hi 'HemiMoparGuy', welcome to Windows EightForums!

    First issue:
    Note that these are not "stupid notifications" but "warnings" of bad things to come if ignored! And the best way to stop the warnings is to fix the problem, not stop the warnings.

    How much free disk space do you have now?

    Note that low disk space can result in all sorts of performance issues. If left unresolved, it can, and likely will end up causing system lock ups. This is because many of your programs - not just Windows - need a lot of free space to temporarily store opened files. Understand every time any file is modified, the original version remains on the disk as the modified version is written (saved) to the disk. Only after the OS verifies the new version saved correctly is the space used by the old version marked as available.

    One of the methods Windows (and particularly W8) uses to boot faster and open your program files faster is by optimizing your disk so the programs you use most open faster. This is part of the "prefetch" function and it works with the built in defragger. The defragger needs free space so it can temporarily move file fragments about while it is optimizing the disk.

    Finally, the page file, a "critical" component of the operating system, needs an ample supply of free space to temporarily store data needed by the system.

    So, what you need to do is free up disk space. Ideally, Windows like to have 30Gb or more of "operating space" to work in. Start by cleaning with Windows 8 Disk Cleanup to clear out temporary files and empty the Recycle Bin. Then follow the steps to uninstall unused programs via More Options or via the Control Panel > Programs and Features applet.

    If that still does not free up enough space to stop the warnings, you need to buy a bigger drive and transfer everything to it, or add a second drive and move some of your installed programs to it.

    Also note this all assumes your computer is working fine otherwise, and is clean of malware.

    Second issue:
    You could enable an audible warning when pressing the NumLock key in Control Panel/Ease of Access/Make Keyboard easier to use/check 'Turn on Toggle Keys'/Apply/OK.
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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, HemiMoparGuy.

    In addition, NumLock key is usually set to boot up on in the BIOS. Your Pavilion should have a specific key to enter BIOS upon boot.
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Couple issues with 8. NumLock and Notification Behaviors
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