My little brother's laptop is currently running Windows 8. This past week, he hasn't been able to get on to his laptop because when he opens it up, a white & blue screen with the words "Aptio Setup Utility - Copyright (C) 2012 American Megatrends, Inc."and it comes up with 5 pages:
1) Main
2) Advanced
3) Boot
4) Security
5) Save & Exit

The main page has several options on it: BIOS Info, BIOS Vendor, Version, GOP Version, EC Version, Processor Info, Memory Info, Total Memory, System Info, Serial Number, System Date & System Time (These 2 are the only changeable settings on the main page), & Access Level.

The advanced page has these options on it: Start Easy Flash, Internal Pointing Device, Wake On Lid Open, Power Off Energy Saving, Intel Virtualization Tech, SATA Config, Graphics Config, USB Config, and Network Stack.

The boot page has: Boot Config, Fast Boot, Launch CSM, Boot Option Priorities, Boot Option #1, Add New Boot Option, & Delete Boot Option.

I'll skip the security page because this one shouldn't have anything helpful for rebooting the laptop properly.

The Save & Exit page has the options: Save Changes and Exit, Discard Changes and Exit, Save Options, Save Changes, Discard Changes, Restore Defaults, Boot Override, Windows Boot Manager, and Launch EFI Shell from filesystem device.

Here's some things we've done to try fixing the issue:
-Used all exiting options
-Drained the battery and recharged
-Shut it down and restarted
If there's a fix for this, please notify me ASAP.