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    Windows 8

    Windows 8 issue

    I am new to this site. I just just a new Windows 8 computer I was trying to download 8.1 but it would not allow me because it said that I need to update all updates on my computer before I can download 8.1 but no updates were available. Updates were set manually but then I changed them to update all the time. I then tried to download 8.1 the next day and it still would not allow me to. On my computer today and I turned it off to restart it and it was configurated updates but it failed at 15% and it would not load. It told me not to turn it off but I still did because I could not get out of the screen. I pressed F8 but it would not take me to recovery mode then I read I need to press shift feight and it still did not take me to recovery mode on the boot up screen. Then read that if I turn my computer off three times it would take me to another screen. I did and it did take me to another screen the options were to upload a recovery CD to restart the computer or go ahead and start Windows 8. You not have a recovery disk so I tried to restart windows eight and it did not work it went back to the 15% and froze. Then shut my computer off three more times and the option came up to restore or cancel. I restored. Is now stuck on a black screen that says HP.... How long will it take to restore? How did I get this message? Funny thing is my old computer did the same thing to me two weeks ago.... That's why I got a new one. Is it something that I'm doing or is it just a freak incident. Thank you for your responses in advance

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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, Bberry3.

    How did you know it was froze at 15%? Did the meter stop? You should never ever turn a computer off while updating.

    There should be an F key specific to your computer to boot to recovery options.

    Please post or fill out your system specs in your forum profile so to better help you.
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    It all depends on how may updates there were. As a rule I recommend installing 5 at a time. Trying to install too many at one time can drive the machine nuts and will take a long time to revert the changes. The F8 key on a HP does nothing but try to get into Safe Mode.

    You may have corrupted the windows installation and may have to reinstall the system to factory conditions by using the recovery partition by repeatedly tapping the F11 key at boot or use your recovery disks hopefully you created them when you got the computer.
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Windows 8 issue
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