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Manually Re-sizing Icons' Sizes In The QuickLaunch Toolbar

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    Manually Re-sizing Icons' Sizes In The QuickLaunch Toolbar

    What I am asking for is a request to manually size the icons in the QuickLaunch toolbar. Please, I do not want a suggestion that states an alternative way for viewing my icons (for example, pinning programs or what-not).

    I am asking to see if there is a registry tweak that manually sets the size of the icons in the QuickLaunch toolbar (refer to the image). They are a bit small, and want to slightly increase their sizes.Click image for larger version

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    I'm pretty sure all that is hard wired. That's why .ico files have set sizes 0f 16x16 32x32 48x48 etc..

    The only exceptions I know of are toolbar buttons that use 24x24 and icons in context menus that must be 13x13. Otherwise they would use another image file format. The whole .ico is designed for small file size.

    Edit: Plus MS tends to hard wire system stuff like Explorer, desktop wallpaper, taskbar, system tray etc..

    As example even though Windows is supposed to support Unicode and long file paths Explorer itself balks if a path is over 260 characters.
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    This setup is for Windows 7 and might work in Windows 8. If you wish, you can try:
    Run Regedit then go to:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics
    On the right hand Pane, look for a String Value "MinWidth". If not existed, create it then set it to value between 32 ~ 48
    Next, right click on the taskbar->Properties and set it to "Combine when taskbar is full".

    NOTE: You need to unpin any item on the taskbar then re-pin so Windows will rebuilt the cache.
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    lower screen resolution could make them look/seem bigger
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    Unlock the taskbar and follow the indications in the image:

    Click image for larger version

    (...but I think that is the regular taskbar in your image)
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    • topgundcp: At the end of your post, you say unpin then re-pin them... I'm not using pinned programs down there, those are different than the QuickLaunch icons.
    • caperjack: I've tried that before and was hoping to get awesome results, yet changing up the resolutions makes a lot of other things too big and the video card is a bit lame about the resolution options... yet thanks for the suggestion
    • Infinity Edwin: That is SO close to what I want done! Yet I've tried that option before of making them large, but why the heck does Windows like to make them just a little Too big? Is there a registry hack that can modify the size selections of Small and Large icons in your suggestion?
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Manually Re-sizing Icons' Sizes In The QuickLaunch Toolbar
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