Hello, tried a automatic repair that popped up after I was playing in services.msc. I found that it did not seem to leave the system in a condition I liked so I opted to use Macrium to do a system image restore from a system image I made last night. Ran sfc and it looked okay. Decided to uninstall Avast and prepare to try and get W8 WD running without real protection. It was removed with Remove programs and said it needed to reboot. Well on reboot the automatic repair popped up again and I haven't forced it to stop, but it has been running for over 15 minutes. I don't recall, masochistically but there seemed to be a choice before it ran and I hit cancel, thinking it wouldn't run. Well I was again wrong. Ah, it just stopped with the message it couldn't repair the the PC. Quess it is back to Macrium and restore System Image..... Any ideas on the causes also appreciated!