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    DOS Command Line

    Hi there-

    Just reorganising my Library and for reasons I won't bore you with, need to do some mass amendments to Filenames to get rid of extraneous Info as I'm tight on Space.

    So, for instance, I have a Folder (DIRectory) with one hundred PDF, Mobi, RAR, ZIP, CBR and CBZ files in it all with filenames in the following format :-

    Henry Rider Haggard (Victorian Novelist, Africa Hand) [Title of Short Story/Novel/Graphic Novel].???

    As :-

    a) I do happen to know who H Rider Haggard is (having read my first book of his 55 years ago when I was Ten)
    b) All the Files are going to go into a Directory (Folder) Entitled "Henry Rider Haggard" (in case I suddenly get struck down with Oldtimer's disease)

    then I want to get rid of the words "Henry Rider Haggard (Victorian Novelist, Africa Hand)" which is common to every Filename.

    My latest attempt at a Command Line blanket change from within the Folder (Directory) was the DOS command -

    REN "Henry Rider Haggard (Victorian Novelist, Africa Hand)"*.??? *.???

    I have also tried :-

    Using the different extensions (.CBR .ZIP .RAR etc ) to change them 20 or 30 at a time
    Using the same Format but *.* instead of *.???
    Using no Inverted Commas on the part of the Description that I want to get rid of

    Yes, I DO realise that in the time I have spent fiddling about with Command Line and composing this Post I COULD have done the whole thing Manually, BUT I have Sixty Five separate Authors to create Directories (Folders) for with about Five to 100 or so Short Stories/Novels etc. to change in exactly the same way (Many Titles will have entries in RAR, Mobi, PDF, CBR and CBZ formats so someone like Herbert George Wells has 135 individual Titles with over 850 separate Files.

    "Have you no Sons and Daughters" I hear you say. "They would only be too pleased to take this onerous task off your aged and care burdened shoulders in the Twilight of your ears, repaying in some small measure the Years of Toil that you have endured on their behalf."

    Al I can say to such a Naieve and disingenuous suggestion is "HA", "HA" and THRICE more "HA".

    a) My Daughter, who is now 35, is WAY past the age of falling for a pound's worth of Choccies and a good book to perform these tasks for me

    b) pretending to be THRILLED at the prospect of such a mind bendingly boring job in order to make her plead to help me only ever worked for Tom Sawyer

    c) the Moral Blackmail, once extremely effective, became unusable due to over use many years ago. The days are LONG gone when I could happily rely on getting these little chores done with phrases like :-

    "Don't you LOVE your poor Daddy, then, Bethan"


    "You wouldn't like to see Daddy CRY, would you, darling"

    and the ultimate

    "I just wanted you to know that I've left everything to you in my Will. It's in that draw in the kitchen - just in case something happens to me. Sudden like. and I don't get a chance to say Goodbye"

    So I've got to do it myself - with your help, of course.

    After all, you wouldn't like to see an Old Man cry, would you...............


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    There is no such thing as Dos. Dos went the way of the Dodo bird, after 98 died. You have a Command window, that you can do certain things in. But what you are wanting to do, I am lost. It sounds like you are telling a story, not asking a question.

    If you want to change a file name, you do it from Explorer in the Desktop. If you want to edit a file, you do it from what ever program was used to create the file.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Please post your question without the extraneous details.
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    Is this spam with a story?
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    Hmm... I got a bit lost reading your post, but from what I gather you want to batch rename a bunch of files.
    While you might be able to do that using DOS command and maybe a .bat file, you're probably better off using powershell.

    Here are a few links that might interest you :
    Use PowerShell to Rename Files in Bulk - Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs
    Batch File Rename with Windows PowerShell
    Renaming Files - Windows PowerShell Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

    If you only want to organize your collection of ebooks, you should take a look at : calibre - E-book management
    This is a free open-source software. It will automatically import all your ebooks (most format are supported, although I'm not sure about your .cbr/.cbz comics files), and then copy them in its libraries. Metadata like title/author/date of release/genre/etc... will be retrieved from the files, but you can edit/add them later on. This software should ease the organization of your collection much more than what you're trying to do.
    It also includes an ebook reader, and can convert to most formats too. I assume the RAR/ZIP files contain ebooks in HTML format, Calibre will be able to convert them to epub, which is an already compressed (using zip compression) ebook format, which you can then directly open with the reader.
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    What do you mean there is no such thing as DOS ?

    I was under the impression that DOS commands are still used in command prompt windows.

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    Yes sir.
    Extraneous detail removal being effected as I speak.
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    Indeed not Popeye. Merely unwelcome extraneous detail

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    Base on what you want to get done. Instead of using tedious DOS commands, you can download a free ware from the link below:
    Bulk Rename Utility

    Hope this helps !!!
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    This: ReNamer - Download I use for many years now and is very versatile and fast. Can even do conversion capital <>small letters hash removal, numbering etc.
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DOS Command Line
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