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Where is the Win7 style Start Menu's Search box?

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    Where is the Win7 style Start Menu's Search box?

    I hate going to the Start Screen, typing whatever it is that I'm looking for, and not having the search results immediately displayed for me like they were in windows 7. In Windows 8 I now have to use my mouse to go to the right side of the screen and toggle the search result between apps, settings, or files. Very, Very Frustrating.

    In Windows 7 I could type in utorrent and press enter on my keybord, if that's what i was looking for, instead of having to type utorrent.exe. And because it was the first search result it would then open the program (or file etc.) that I was looking for automatically.

    I thought perhaps the run command was the input box I needed, but it wasn't.

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    You can type right on the new Start screen and it shows whatever.

    The reason you can't find "utorrent" is because that's not actually a "u" - it's the symbol for "micro" as in >>> µTorrent

    Other than that, you can use Explorer to search in the top right field. Just make sure whatever you are looking for is at a lower directory than where you are.

    For example, it will not find something on C:\Windows when you are on drive D:
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    But you can add a win7-like start button if you want

    Start Menu, Windows 7 Start Menu

    or start meny 7

    Start Menu 7
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    It has gone.

    Much mourned.

    Closest I have found is the search box in Start Menu 7

    startmenu7 also includes a search icon - you don't want that because it sends you back to the ghastly window full of squares.

    You can remove the search icon from start menu 7 - just click the minus button and remove it from the list.
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    It's not such a bad thing quite honestly. It's a different way to search. The Start Screen will show ALL of your installed apps and programs if you right click and select All apps. Even then, I think the search on the Start Screen is somewhat better than 7's because you can filter out your search results through apps, files, or settings. But things can be improved.
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    utorrent was a bad example. I know sometimes it can be difficult to find because the first character isn't a real 'u'. Can't think of a app, file or setting right now that would illustrate the problem. All I know is that on Windows 7's Start Menu Search Bar I could type in the name of something and weather it was a setting page from control panel, a file on my hardrive or software program, it would turn up in the results, and I could just click enter on my keyboard. Made for real fast productivity. Contrast this with Windows 8's Start Screen and at best I type in the name of something, and I have to use my mouse to select ap/file/setting, which is a bit ridiculous.

    Thanks to those whom suggested Start Menu 7, but it's not really my thing. I wasn't able to pin items to it or drag/drop items onto it like I used-to with the Win7 Start Menu.

    I am intrigued, Coke Robot (awesome name by the way), with what you said about right-clicking the start screen and having it display all results? I can't seem to get that to work. Can you elaborate?
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    Hello Lilsting, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    In addition: Search in Windows 8
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    Win + X has a Search and Run as well as many other System Maintenance Tools.
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    Thanks to those whom suggested Start Menu 7, but it's not really my thing. I wasn't able to pin items to it
    The plus and minus buttons are for adding and removing items to start menu 7 - anything you like.

    Click image for larger version
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    Source: Designing search for the Start screen - Building Windows 8 - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

    and type
    Apps search
    Settings search
    Files search
    Figure 11: Windows 8 Start search keyboard shortcuts

    You've got to be kidding me!

    There is no way to search through apps, settings and files at the same time from the Start Screen and have the results displayed together?

    Right now I need to either use my mouse or the up/down arrow keys and then enter key to select which category of results I require. Or remember the above keyboard shortcuts instead. That's completely un-needed.
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Where is the Win7 style Start Menu's Search box?
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