Hey there, hoping someone could me out with the issues I've been having with my PC and mainly from trying to play ARMA 3 which has seemed to be the root of my Display Driver Errors and Crashing (Not sure why as this game was running perfectly for the first 3-4 months I bought the PC brand new and downloaded the game from STEAM...

Ok so here's some background on my PC and where I'm at:

Well I had ONE crash a month ago and haven't been able to get ARMA 3 running right since, it started while crashing when trying to connect to the a MP Server, it basically went all Display Driver Error crazy with lines and boxes jumping on the screen then went into complete crash mode, after trying all of the Display Driver Error methods of fixing (ReInstall Drivers/Beta, launch parameters, etc. none seemed to help) ran IOLO System Mechanic software scan and fixed the problem for a week or so then it was the same old problems once again...of course *sigh...

Then, I did a complete system Restart where I fully cleaned my files and PC, re installed Windows 8.1 and all that, now after I reinstall Steam/ARMA 3, all is running good on my PC, no Display Driver Errors or any BS, but then I start up ARMA 3, tweaked some of video settings and went to Exit the game and it all crashed and burned and went back to Display Driver problems again!!!??? Also wondering if my ACER model PC Monitor could have anything to do with the crashes? (its about 6-7 years old but still has a 75hz Refresh Rate dunno if that can cause Disp Driv Errors?)

I've done system REFRESH and RESTART and even tried the newest AMD Driver and Beta Drive for my Graphics cards....the main problem seems to be the Distorted Lines jumping on my screen and boxes when I right click start ICON go blank or have werid lines in them as well...I also have the PC settings pop up saying my Windows is not Activated/Registered? I can recall that it seems like this problem happens after I run the Windows Recommened & Important Updates (after a Fresh Re-Install of Windows) that the Disp Errors start happening...

So basically I was hoping to just get a step-by-step link or some quick advice on how to properly install Windows 8.1 on an AMD Radeon PC and the proper drivers I need or the way I need to install them? I read somewhere that You need to have Windows Defender off when updating the display drivers?? I bought IOLO System Mechanic which seems like it does a lot but wasn't able to solve my issue last night, did a complete Restart this morning and my PC seems to be running fine but I haven't run ANY windows or driver updates yet or installed ANYTHING... Can someone please give some advice on what to do hah this is driving me looney!! My PC came with the Windows 8.1 install Disc and MSI Driver Disc, hope this info helps you guys understand my ISSUE... but here are my PC specs:

AMD FX-Series FX-6300 (3.50GHz)
Windows 8.1 64Bit
AMD Radeon R7 250 2GB

Greatly Appreciate Any Feedback