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Is keeping with latest drivers really necessary?

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    For the most part, I leave drivers alone if they are up and working. Only exception is usually a video card.

    When I have problems, then I go looking for updated drivers to see if it fixes the problem.

    I maintain machines and images at work. We don't Luke to introduce unknowns, we prefer consistency among the builds.

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    It depends. I usually take a look at the updated drivers. Sometimes they claim improvements in things like battery life, or reducing fan noise, or increasing performance. I tend to install new NVidia drivers because of this, and I check for new BIOS's every few months.

    However, I typically don't bother with sound or network drivers unless there's a reason (or I just let Windows Update install whatever it thinks is the latest) unless I need a specific version. For instance, the generic Intel Gigabit NIC drivers don't have all the tuning options that the Intel ones have. this is more important on servers than desktops usually.
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    In many cases, if not almost all, drivers for a particular, let's say video card have added hardware it supports rather than real improvements for older ones. Just so they don't have to make and release new drivers for each particular model, manufacturers just pile up number of new drivers, eventually taking some older ones out of the list. Only when conditions for drivers to work in OS changes, you may see some changes and "improvements" to older drivers. That happened for instance during the change from Win8 to 8.1 for older HD4xxx AMD video cards. Drivers for Win8 just stopped working on 8.1 properly and "Black screen with pointer" ensued. Couple of weeks later, AMD modified drivers to work with W8.1 and added "Legacy" in drivers name. (it happened to me, that's why I am using it as an example). That first compatible version was 13.1 and it worked, later on 13.4 and 13.9 showed up and when I installed them, version of actual driver for my GPU (can be seen in device manager) stayed same, only changes were for control center. So, updating to newest version did not make any difference to driver itself even with newer version number.
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Is keeping with latest drivers really necessary?
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