Hello everyone, I am from Hong Kong and new to here.

My case is I am now in charge of deploying 25 new dell OEM computers (optiplex 7010) for a special school. What I have done is created a windows 8.1 reference image which is - Professional 8.1 with updated, x86, chinese (Hong Kong).

Before sysprep (audit mode ?) with certain unattended xml , two chinese programs (Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 & PrintMagic v7) are running in correspondence language (Traditional Chinese). However,
after sysprep into OOBE with unattended files and generalized option, they are no longer run in correspondence
Both were detected in Simplified Chinese and work again when using the Applocale.

Both works in correspondence Language under a basic and clean setup environment using the SAME ISO that use to create the reference image above.

Any suggestion for me ?

Thanks for all!!