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mouse pointer sometimes invisible

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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit

    mouse pointer sometimes invisible

    Windows 8.1 pro
    In some games or parts of some games, the mouse pointer is invisible. Is there a fix for this?

    It did not do this with windows 7.
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    Games are very graphic intensive and can cause all kinds of issues. I have played games where my video acted wonkey after I finished playing the game until I did a reboot on the PC. Even in Windows 7.

    With that said, it is definitely a video related problem. Especially if you already know this behavior is not present in the same game under a different version of Windows.

    Some things I would try -

    Installing all Windows Updates.
    Upgrade video card to most current drivers.
    If using OEM video drivers try the drivers from the vendor's website instead.
    If you are using the most updated video drivers maybe even roll back the drivers to a previous version.
    Check the version of OpenGL and DirectX that are installed. Update?

    Other things.
    Disable some background apps before running the game.
    Change the resolution of the video to different ones to see if it makes any difference.

    It is not easy to track down the root cause of stuff like this.

    You might also want to visit the forums for the game manuf itself if its a newer game and see if anyone
    else in mentioning the problem.

    Retail video card? Try their forums or tech database.

    Lastly, if this is an OEM machine you could even visit their forums or tech database to see if they
    might be aware of the issue and might have a solution.

    Good luck.
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mouse pointer sometimes invisible
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