Hello! I'm trying to customize image file types (BMP, PNG, JPG & GIF) in Windows 8 by assigning each image type a "different" icon and also adding some custom action (i.e. pass to a specific program which I've written) on BMP files. At the same time, I'm trying to have the new PhotoApp of Windows as the default application for opening all image types (e.g. even when I'm double-clicking an image from my Outlook). I'm using FileTypesMan 1.66 but unfortunately cannot achieve my desired outcome. The reason is this link these file types have together so when I change the icon on one of them, it's applied to all others as well. Same for new actions: When I add a new action, two things happen: First of all, it's completely ignored in Explorer (not shown in the context menu) if I've emptied the "User Choice" option (which was the PhotoApp option as Windows default) and if I enable PhotoApp as user choice, the new action applies to all other image types as well.

My specific question is: Is there a way to break this link between different image files in Windows 8 so that I can fully configure them (Icon, Actions, Default App, ...) independently? Obviously the same applies to many other MIME types as well (such as MPEG videos, ...).