lol - Gman - I did say "then copy the new DVD drive contents to a new folder, then follow from 2." at the end of Para 1.

I should have said as in 2. (GMan's post above)

I don't know about powerISO - it's a complete CD/DVD burner etc., I believe - but just as ISO mounting utilities, the others did not let me down yet, and it's much quicker and cheaper to mount a virtual OD than burning a real disk that you are not going to use.

For speed, size and flexibility, 7-zip is incomparable as a file manager, opening and extracting ISO, VHD, CAB, MSI, EXE, etc., as well as archived formats, nested archives and ordinary files with equal ease.

Windows 8 doesn't work well like that...
Hmmm - is the honeymoon over, I see lots of comments to that effect surfacing?