so I have a problem with a RAID 1 configuration on my computer. Basically Windows 8 won't boot and automatically launches the 'automatic repair' however it fails to repair the issue and so gives me the option of restarting or going to advanced options. At the same time as this, I've noticed that my RAID status has changed to 'verify' and whilst I'm aware you can resolve desync issues in the OS, I have no idea how to resolve these issues if the OS won't boot at all?

I didn't change any settings or add or remove hardware/software but I have read that this is something that develops over time and people suggest verifying fairly regularly, however I haven't verified my drives at all and I've have the raid setup for about 4months now.

So how do I solve this issue? I tried changing my SATA mode for AHCI/IDE and booting like that but windows still fails to launch. I also attempted to resolve the issues using my windows 8 disk but that also failed too.

Any ideas? - thanks.