So I had tried to fix this for months. I have tried various forums without any replies or help. I purchased an Apple retina Macbook Pro and put Windows 8.1 on it. OS X does NOT flicker, but Windows 8.1 will flicker every time I login. Occasionally I will get a brief period of 10 seconds where it will be a black screen. That only happens randomly (so I do not have a video of this in action). Nothing is in the event viewer. I tried re-installing NUMEROUS times. I tried using the beta NVIDIA drivers and stable NVIDIA drivers.
I also tried 8.1 on a Virtual Machine with both Parallels and VMWare and they too experience this flicker.
Oh also, nothing in the event log about this.
I have a video of the issue:
Does anybody know what is causing this? This issue occurs when using the laptop display, or any external displays. Thanks!