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I have no sound on FireFox, IE and Chrome, But yes PC soun

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    I have no sound on FireFox, IE and Chrome, But yes PC soun

    After getting this comment on another page where I asked for help, I thought I should post my problem here in order to try and find a problem.

    "Considering that both Firefox and IE are affected, and then you find that Chrome doesn't work either, my 'gut' tells me that the problem is with the operating system or the sound drivers.
    Try a Windows 8 support forum, or Microsoft support. Or maybe support techs for that brand PC, if it is still under warranty. Support - Windows Help "


    Yesterday, (9/9/14) I was watching videos on my PC, using FireFox, in the evening I went and had a shower, I got back and without any apparent reason, FireFox stopped producing sound.
    I installed Chrome after checking all the basics, and Chrome does have sound, I can watch videos on Chrome with sound.

    I have tried Youtube, MSN, FilmOn, Facebook (Games and Videos), Game sites, SoundCloud, and there is no sound. I opend IE, and tried the same, and got no sound,

    There is sound on my PC, if I open a MP3 in WMP it Plays, Windows system sounds play, Yahoo sounds play, Skype sounds play, I can hear them loud and clear. TheSims 4 plays sound.

    I have done the following: Updated Flash, VLC, Java, Shockwaves, QuickTime.
    Updated FireFox Updated FireFox Pluggins, Followed all steps here:
    Updated RelTek,

    Uninstalled FireFox, Swiched Default browser from IE to FireFox and Chrome and back again,
    I have rebooted my PC 50 times, Deleted Internet cache, cookies, history, etc.

    I have been to ControlPanel/InternetOptions/Advanced and made sure that "Allow browersers to play sounds" Is checked, I have updated my Graphics Card, and my Sound card.

    On the Volume Mixer, (FireFox is no muted and its turned up) When I play a video, It remains blank, There is no movment of sound in the Volume Mixer. (Adobe Flash player is not muted either)

    Im using a Razer Kraken 7.1 HeadSet, I have updated its drivers also.
    and I cant find an awsner.

    Im using WINDOWS 8 Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 Intel i7 4th Gen 8GB RAM

    Please help if you know an awnser!! Thanks

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    Others have had same/similar problem as indicated by a Google search. You probably have done this but I'm not taking anything for granted. Hopefully there is a solution listed that you haven't tried.

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I have no sound on FireFox, IE and Chrome, But yes PC soun
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