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Had to reformat my computer, and have a few issues to fix

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    Had to reformat my computer, and have a few issues to fix

    Ok, bear with me on these topics. #1:
    My windows 8.1 lock screen settings app isnít showing properly. I have tried several searches and couldnít find anything to fix it. Itís hard to explain what itís doing, so tried to post a couple pics to the groupís homepage, but apparently my photos werenít getting uploaded so I sent the pics to my OneDrive account.

    What itís doing is the lock screen preview part of the app isnít showing at all Ė it used to show my chosen image with the settings of how it would look (basically a preview of the lock screen) but now it shows nothing accept for below it images to choose from, and down below in the lock screen apps section, instead of showing the app icons it wants to show the file paths instead. It used to work just fine and now itís not. What do I have to do to fix it? The 2 links are to the images that I created to show what I am referring to.

    #2: Is there a way to reset my photos app? (love the issues one has after reformatting, lol) Ė my photo app live tile is not working in windows 8.1. in the photo app options I have shuffle mode for live tile turned on, and when right click the tile I have live tile turned on. It still wouldnít work. I did a google search, and told me to go C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Packages\FileManager_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState and delete everything, and then empty the recycle bin. Which I did, but it didnít seem to load the shuffle of the pics on live tile. I then decided to restart my pc, but it still didnít work. I then decided to delete all the pics from the main hard drive (putting them on to another drive) and than back on the C: drive, but that didnít even work. I canít find any other options to try through google search that works. I tried several. Any ideas what I can do to fix this?

    #3: the login with a pin feature doesn't seem to work after 2 days of installing stuff. When i first got my windows 8.1 computer last march and installed stuff, i noticed that and this time after re-formatting and re-installing everything again I noticed that. What could be the cause of that problem?

    any REAL answers would be helpful, thanks.

    Mike Irvan

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    I am unsure of issue 1 and 3, however with option 2 you could try first checking for updates in the Metro App Store. There use to be with Windows 8.0 to uninstall the app from from Metro and reinstall through the app store. However looks like the option might be gone and I cannot find it in the app store anymore.
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    Thanks for your reply. I tried that, but the photos app that came with my computer is nowhere to be found in the Metro Store. ANd right clicking the photos app I'm not even given the option to uninstall it even though I have the option on my other apps. I ended up using another app instead in order to have the live tile show my photos, but it's not even shuffling through my photos - it's showing the same 3 photos each time. This one I found is called Gallery HD. Any idea what to do to refresh it to get it to shuffle through all my pics? or other apps that have the live tile feature that will shuffle through my pics? thanks.
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Had to reformat my computer, and have a few issues to fix
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