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What does NA in StartUp mean?

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    Win 8.1 Update x64

    I had disabled NCPluginUpdater from autoruns but it reappeared,

    Disabled the corresponding .exe file from task scheduler ,

    Hope that will take care of that
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    Win 8.1 Update x64

    Well guys, sorry for bothering again

    The problem reappeared again today.

    I don't know if this has any relation to the Disk cleanup, clearing of temp, %temp% & complete clearing of Internet history and cookies I do - I had been doing this every week. I had done the maintainence yesterday night. Restarted the system twice , nut no problem in start up times - was fast ~ <20seconds (till appearance of Desktop)

    But today when I started up - the same old delay in startup reappeared - ~ 40-60seconds

    So, as usual I checked Autoruns - NCPluginUpdater (the same registry key & exe file as I got to see previous instance) was there in the Logon tab CHECKED

    I followed the exact steps I done last time to see if HP bloatware - PC Health Analysis was the culprit this time (In Task Scheduler) - BUT NO, it was in Disabled state itself & the last run date was the same as the last time I saw it.

    Then I just went through Task Scheduler Library -

    There were GoogleUpdateTaskMachineCore & GoogleUpdateTaskMachineUA - two I could notice ran just around the time I started up the laptop today.
    They are assigned with trigger :
    GoogleUpdateTaskMachineCore - Daily & at logon of any user
    GoogleUpdateTaskMachineUA - daily & thereafter hourly

    But, I had not disabled these last time & I've not got startup problem again until today (1 week after)- so I don't think they are the culprits

    Any idea - what could be causing the startup delay , I understand that NCPluginUpdater is the enduser culprit here - But I'm not able to permanently disable it from Startup , something is triggering it to show up again (probably weekly basis & after some trigger enabling it - on user logon basis thereafter) - & it is Not HP health analysis or other hp bloatwares this time (as far I could see from Task scheduler)

    Could someone help me out - to get this thing out - Or is it that it cant be done at all?

    Thanks guys!
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    Win 8.1 Update x64

    So here is the latest update on this one :

    NCPluginUpdater reappears in the startup only if I do a whole Internet explorer clean up (not reset) & clear the temp & %temp% folders , then restart system.

    Since I couldn't find the exact source causing the reappearance -hope this info would remind anyone reading this - of what should I do to prevent it again from appearing.

    Thanks guys...
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    Win 8.1 Update x64

    After I installed WinPatrol (as per advice from David Bailey ), I could finally identify the cause of NCPluginUpdater reappearing in Start-up now - it is HP Support assistant in-built HP driver-updates checker.

    Click image for larger versionSo, this issue remains solved

    Thanks to everyone here especially David, WinPatrol automatically reminded me of NCPluginUpdater getting added to startup following HP Update checker activation somehow !
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What does NA in StartUp mean?
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