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Windows 8.1 Locking My Files

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    Windows 8.1 Locking My Files

    Hiya guys, I am at the end of my tether! I am a big music collector, and have never had any issues with my PC and audio. I am using Windows 8.1 and for months things have worked great. My chosen audio is ALWAYS MP3 320kbps as I find it much more flexible than FLAC, and can barely notice the difference in quality so it works well for me.

    Normally when I download FLAC files, I run them through a program called Goldwave (an app I have used for years) and convert them to MP3 320, I tell Goldwave to delete the FLAC files once conversion is complete.

    I noticed recently that the FLAC files are not being deleted, problem with Goldwave I thought, but on further inspection, I cannot delete FLAC files within Windows Explorer!!

    It says I need permission to delete them, even though I am Windows 8.1 administrator. When I right click a FLAC file, the delete and rename part has a UAC shield next to the text. Strange thing is, if I leave the FLAC file along for about 5 minutes, the shields vanish, and I am able to delete, why is this happening?

    I previously messed around with UAC settings, but nothing has worked, when the shields display in the right click menu, I try an app called Unlocker, and even this wont delete them. Please note, this is ONLY happening with FLAC files, any ideas what's gripping onto these files? How I find out? And stop it.

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    Don't know much about this but is there anything in the Goldwave manual, section 8 / Delete:
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    It still happens when Goldwave is uninstalled unfortunately, so don't think Goldwave is the culprit.
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    Methinks when you are in Explorer and select a file, Explorer automatically scans the file, to among other things, grab its metadata (title, duration, artist, etc..), maybe albums covers included in the file, or even scan it for viruses, etc... Since FLAC file tend to be large, this process takes time and as long as Explorer is working on the files they become inaccessible.

    You can always check if it's faster via the command-line, go to the directory where your FLAC files are stored and type : del *.flac
    This will delete all the files with the extension .flac

    Try and exclude *.flac in your anti-virus too, it might be the culprit. For windows defender : Control Panel > Windows Defender > Settings > Exclude File Types > type *.flac > Add
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    Thanks Ill try that and get back
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Windows 8.1 Locking My Files
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