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Help required in Windows 8.1

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    Windows 8.1

    Help required in Windows 8.1

    Hello All,

    Using Windows 8.1 for the first time.
    Toshiba Laptop

    (1) How to increase the font size of Windows Explorer?
    (2) Is it possible to put in folder, file name in the TaskBar? I can pin applications like Ms Word, Power point but not any specific file or folder which I am using.

    (3) The time in the task bar is showing as 23:34.How can I make it to 11:34?

    (4) Like Windows XP is it possible to bring in a kind of a "Show Desktop" in the task bar so that I can quickly move into the Desktop from a current window.


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    Hi and Welcome to EightForums,

    For points 1 and 3, see if these guides help.

    1 - Advanced Appearance Settings - Change Text Size for Items in Windows 8
    3 - Date and Time Format - Change in Windows 8

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    If you mouse to the bottom right corner, next to the time, it will "show desktop". It won't put you there though. Alt Tab is one way to switch from App to Program etc. Pressing the Windows Logo key wil switch you in and out of Metro. If you are running all the latest updates to 8.1 moussing to the bottom of the screen in a Metro App will bring up the Taskbar. Then you can click the icon for the program you want to switch to.
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    2. Download: WinAero: Pin to 8 then you can pin to taskbar almost anything to taskbar files/folder etc...
    If you mouse to the bottom right corner, next to the time, it will "show desktop". It won't put you there though.
    4. Yes, If you move the mouse pointer to the bottom right corner then left click, desktop will stay. Move the mouse to bottom right corner and left click again will restore.
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    To show desktop I just use Windows Key + D
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    For 2., you can try creating an explorer icon as shown below and pin that to the task bar. Once you have pinned it, you can even delete the original icon; the pinned one will still work.

    Not very convenient if you change them frequently, but if it is only for one, you don't need additional software.

    Click image for larger version
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Help required in Windows 8.1
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