Hi folks:

I'm into Day 3 of using Windows 8.1 with Update 1, and I'm pretty pleased with it. I'm not running into many limitations yet, and all my apps of choice have worked so far. I will still say that I prefer Vista from a visual perspective, and in its ability to customize the desktop, but Windows 8.1 is not bad at all. Let's just say that at least I now have a distinct upgrade path that will provide me a supported, updated OS that will last into 2023.

Somehow, I prefer it to Windows 7. I'm using it with IOBit Start Menu 8, and it's pretty comparable.

I am completely Metro-Free (LOL) but I do have an open mind, so I wanted to give the Metro Mail app a try. But is there a way to do this WITHOUT signing in with a Microsoft account, or by forefitting a Local user login? It appears that I MUSt use a Microsoft account.