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Problem:Multiple taskbar on same screen using dual screens

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    Problem:Multiple taskbar on same screen using dual screens

    Some weeks ago, I noticed an odd problem with my taskbar.

    While using my laptop at home, I use an exterior monitor to extend my desktop, and usually set the monitor as my primary. Occasionally, I would notice that my open apps would appear to be greyed-out (and therefore un-clickable) on my secondary screen. All the pinned apps would be full colour, but would only respond to clicking as if I was starting a new version of the app (e.g. a new browser window rather than switching to the existing one).

    It appears as though a second "ghost" taskbar was over top the main one, and only on one screen. This ghost taskbar would block any attempt to click on the taskbar underneath. Unlocking the taskbar and moving it, for example, to the side, would confirm this as the ghost taskbar would drag and snap to the edge, leaving the normal taskbar at the bottom of the (same) screen.

    The ghost taskbar would disappear (or perhaps merely move behind the main taskbar) if the taskbar is swapped with the primary screen (causing the tray to move over).

    A reload of Windows Explorer via Task Manager seems to be a temporary fix, as is restarting the computer. However, this issue may appear multiple times per session, and within a short time of any reload/restart. This also does not seem to occur when using only the laptop screen.

    I do not run any desktop customization software, and have triple-checked for any Windows, Microsoft, or driver updates. I am moderately competent in doing repairs to the computer so long as I have reasonably detailed instructions on how to do the fix.

    I have scoured the internet and have come across nothing that describes my particular issue. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Screenshots of the phenominon are available if more clarification is required.

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    Same problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Prosk View Post

    I have scoured the internet and have come across nothing that describes my particular issue. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    I have the same exact problem which started yesterday, I could find nothing regarding this online (except this thread). Once I try to extend screen using a second monitor an additional taskbar appears on the same screen. Each time I disable and enable the screen I get an extra taskbar on that same screen (to infinity?!). The only workaround seems either a pc restart or an explorer.exe "restart".
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    Your 'ghost' taskbar may just be a taskbar that is expanded to two rows. When you have the option 'show taskbars on all displays' (see below) enabled, not only does it show up on the second screen, but it can be expanded/collapsed separately from the first one.

    Right-click on any taskbar and make sure it is unlocked. Go to your second screen taskbar that is double-high. Hover over the top edge and drag in down to one row.

    Relock your taskbars if you want to.

    Hopefully it will stay one-line after a reboot.
    Click image for larger version
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    If you do not have a third party utility like Classic Shell or Start8. Yes there are two toolbars. One is the Desktop toolbar. The other is the Metro toolbar. This behavior happened with the 8.1 update.
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Problem:Multiple taskbar on same screen using dual screens
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