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How exactly does the new UEFI version of BIOS work???

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    How exactly does the new UEFI version of BIOS work???

    Okay, so in older versions of Windows, you could boot BIOS from not only starting up the system, but also from exiting hibernation mode. In the new Windows 8.1, I haven't found a way to do that. According to my readings, the new BIOS is only available upon a full hard shut-down, and NOT from hibernation. However, I am in a situation where I wish to go into BIOS without turning the computer off. Is there still some sort of backdoor way to accomplish this?

    To be specific, I'm trying to trick a program into believing 24 hours have passed (doing this normally from the Date & Time settings will not work, only going into hibernation and using BIOS to change the time will work, but that option seems to have been removed).

    I'd love to hear a 'yes,' but a simple 'no' will suffice if you can only do it via shutting down Windows and terminating all running programs. :|

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    wish I could add something ,but I don't have uefi and I didn't know I could access the bios coming out of hibernation with legacy bios.
    I would lean towards the answer being no,that you will need to reboot to access it
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    How about suspending your program using resource monitor, turn off internet time synchronisation (or disconnect from network) and remove any GPS then change the time.

    According to How Windows Time Service Works: Windows Time Service the Windows Time Service Manager should then update the BIOS with the "most accurate time" which should be your new settings as it can't get the time elsewhere.

    Then release your program again in resource manager.

    Would that work?

    No idea about accessing the BIOS from hibernation as running on a Mac I don't have one as such.
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How exactly does the new UEFI version of BIOS work???
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