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Windows 8.1 disable search bar completely

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    Windows 8.1 disable search bar completely

    When i play games or do other full screen stuff, and when i press alt+tab to go to desktop, it shows "search pane" and opens me charm bar with search bar only in it... I have classic shell installed, i have disabled all that broken metro stuff, from hot corners, charm bar, to start screen, but that search bar just doesnt go away, how to completely remove it ?

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    Use the F11 key to go from the full screen to desktop.
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    I have disabled search service, it doesnt help. Alt tab brings same search as window+s.
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    Indeed, sorry, I have removed my post, because I have noticed, that Classic Shell contains something like:

    Find programs, settings, files and documents.

    Maybe it is part of that software?
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    No, its clearly part of charm bar, which i just cant find out how to disable.
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    That's strange. Alt-Tab opens the Metro search only when you switch away from fullscreen?
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    I also want to know how to do this. I have the same problem with games.
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    The "Alt+Tab" should display active applications on the system with small icons for each. Since you removed the "broken metro stuff" and replaced it with third-party "classic shell", it "broke" the list of active application. Except the search bar...

    The search bar is integral part of the OS and it runs as "Windows Search", configured as automatic (delayed start) service. You can try disabling this service, but it may result in a performance hit since two other services depend on windows search. Namely the windows media player network sharing service and work folders, whatever the last is for...

    You could also try this registry settings at your own risk...

    Close to two years ego, the windows search could be uninstalled from the list of features, but that's history by now...
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    Well, deleting these two files solves the issue:


    it runs as "Windows Search"
    Wrong. Disabling Windows Search service does not remove the bar, do not mislead people.
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    Hei Anixx
    When I do a search for the files above..
    I get four different location:




    Do I have to dele the files in all locations to remove the search bar in the charmbar?

    /The Pilot
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Windows 8.1 disable search bar completely
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