Hi there
To any MS insiders who might be reading these threads :

Windows to go could be a very exciting and USEFUL product for external consultants --I've installed it on an external SSD drive and it FLIES.

However every time I want to use it on a PC where the hardware is different it requests a new activation for OFFICE.

Now in the workplace an OS without MS office is pretty useless.

I'd suggest they do the same type of activation as ADOBE with Photoshop. While you are using a NEW / different PC you can TRANSFER the activation. This removes the licence from the original PC while you are working on the new one. When you are done you can transfer it back again.

Now I have a MAK activation for OFFICE so it's not really a problem unless MS get curious as to why I've activated Office say 30 times or or in the last few weeks -- but for people who have a single or 3 licence copy (Student and Home edition) I'd suggest doing the transfer license mechanism.

It's not 100% foolproof but will be 99.99% -- anybody making a Windows to Go system will certainly connect to the internet almost at boot time so some MS products could easily check to see if the license had been transferred to another machine.

For consultants away for weeks at a time this would be a really great feature.

Windows to go is only really useable if SENSIBLE "Officey" type applications can be installed and run withour problems.