My girlfriend bought for her needs two day ago an Asus Transformer Book 10,1" (32GB SSD + 500Gb Data) and waited for me to start it, yesterday night (which was a nice surprise)...

Well, the installation/registration from scratch was very smooth and it bumped to Welcome screen quite fast. Only, the importants windows update were long enough to have a quiet dinner which also made me think about those skipped Patch tuesday offending updates..

The OS Ed is Windows 8.1 x32bits and takes half of the 32Gb disk. It came quite striped from bloatwares and could see only the Microsoft Office offer.

That made, concentrate myself first after on the Welcome screen & Applications and get use to it fast but it was very tight for my fingers to evolute in such small touchscreen environment, lucky the base/keyboard station was here too.

Getting to the desktop was also easy. One thing that takes me time to realize was when browser windows were open, you'll have to go on border screen to have the ribbon to be able to close it (me fingers were way too large!!!)....So was going to Desktop to close those open ones.

Installed straight a spare license of BitDefender AV Plus 2014 we had, WLM 2012 fine.

Parameters in control panel are similar to our Windows 7 after all. But what i found nice too was the inner parameters we could find from direct from the Welcome screen, like an addition to the conventional Control Panel.

I would like to ask some if there's any recommendations for this first start apart all the recommended security updates and so some pilotes to do?

Cheers, NoN!