I use DropBox and OneDrive a bit at work. With "selective folder" sync in DropBox, I have no issues and things work as I like.

In OneDrive, I know that there is an option for "online-only". However, for a few of my personal things, I don't want these things to appear "AT ALL". For example, i have a password database stored in OneDrive. Previously (before Windows 8.1), it was stored in a folder on OneDrive/SkyDrive called CloudOnly.

I noticed today, that my OneDrive folder in File Explorer shows my "CloudOnly" folder. The files in that folder show as "Online-only" under Availability. But I don't want anybody to be able to even see that folder from my PC, regardless of whether I'm online or not. I don't think I have an option for this anymore. I want it so that I log into the OneDrive website to access that file if necessary, but do not want to see the "Smart links" within the OneDrive app or the File Explorer structure. My computer is always "online" at home or the office, so anybody who gains access to my PC has access to these files. I don't want this for everything.

Is there anyway to accomplish this, or do I need to move this stuff out of OneDrive and over to Dropbox?