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How can I rearrange photos in my pictures?

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    Create 2 folders on desktop. Disable “Auto arrange icons” on desktop (Right-click - view - uncheck “Auto arrange icons” ). Put your pictures into the first folder. Open both folders on half screen so
    you can drag and drop pictures files from one folder to another. Drag and drop files in order you need one
    by one. Files will stay in the same order you drag them into the second folder. Apply “Rename multiple files” (
    Select all the files
    you want to rename, right-click the first one and select Rename.
    Type your desired base file name and press Enter.Windows Explorer will take your base name
    and add a number to each file’s name
    It works only on a desktop.

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    I have found that numbering the pictures works fine. But to be safe I used every third number starting with 3. That way, if I want to slip an extra picture into the middle of the list, I won't have to renumber every following number. I would call that a time saver! Here's how you do it.

    Go to VIEW, click on SORT BY, and select NAME and ASCENDING. Then RIGHT-CLICK on any picture to open the dropdown menu. Click on RENAME and type your preferred number in front of everything else with or without a space. Alphabetical characters will work just as well.
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    Good idea, renumbering is a pain. And just a thought, I wonder what adding a letter would do, say 2, 2a, 2b etc. Must try that some time.
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How can I rearrange photos in my pictures?
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