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HELP! Preparing Automatic restore loop?!

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    Good news! Still not fixed but huge progress was made! After the blue screen I restarted my PC and I ended up getting to the Advanced Options menu after a lot of preparing and repairing but its still not fixed as its giving me the loops still.

    I entered some bootrec commands in the cmd prompt and rebooted. now its checking disc for errors. I dont think it will fix it but I'm getting a 8.1 disc soon in the morning lets fix this tmr!

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    Anyone can help me?

    I'm in the cmd prompt right now. But when I try to rebuildbcd it shows 0 windows installations. Then chkdsk /f shows cannot locate c drive?
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    Used chldsk /f /r /x

    Now it'd running a scan from 5 stages. Should this fix?
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    Depends on what the problem is?

    You may end up having to reinstall from the DVD when you get it.
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    I wish I could reinstall. I'm running a chkdsk now to see if it fixes anything.been stuck at 172650 of 569072 for awhile now
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    Do you have Google hangouts or something to message back and fourth for quicker responses?
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    No, sorry, have to keep here in the forum.

    I'm a volunteer like all the other folks that hang out here. I really don't want to get involved outside the forum, then it becomes a job instead of something I like doing when I have the time.

    I know it's frustrating having to wait for responses but that's the way it has to be.

    Once you have the 8.1 DVD you can reinstall. You should backup your data first though.
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    Oh okay. Don't I need a windows 8 disc not 8.1?
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    Also I found something online called DBAN. Can I wipe my hard drive with this then install windows again?
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    Good news I'm Resetting my PC DD
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HELP! Preparing Automatic restore loop?!
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