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Back Up Image corrupted my hdd, PC won't boot up.

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    EDIT: Correction. It's a little slow, but removing the D: drive once again allows the computer to boot. Maybe I need to avoid those chipset drivers? The OS works without installing them, I just always figured it would be better to have them installed...
    It is normal that on a fresh install, your PC seems to run a little slow until system cache is built and all Windows Updates installed.
    Yes, you should always install the chipset drivers so that it will install all the drivers for the MB built in devices such as USB2, USB3 etc... otherwise, it just uses the generic drivers from MS.

    The problem with the D: drive. You might want to check with your MB manufacturer if they have an update BIOS for your MB and in addition, since it works as an external HD, this might be the USB adapter you use is not compatible. You might want to copy your personal data to somewhere else then connect to the internal sata port and reinitialize it to be used in your PC.

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    It does seem like the bios thinks the D: drive has an operating system that it wants to try and boot.

    You could check in the BIOS config and see what it shows about drives C: and D: and the boot order, etc.
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    Drive D: doesn't even show up in the bios. It shows UEFI partition on my SSD then my SSD as a whole then my DVD rom.

    I'm thinking that I screwed something up with my bios drivers. I've used this mobo with win 8.0 and it had chipset and sata drivers that needed to be installed with it. Now that I pay attention while on the support site (here fyi), there are no longer chipset and drivers supplied for win 8.1. Till now I interpreted that to mean that I should use the old win 8 drivers. Maybe I'm supposed to use the stock MS drivers instead?

    Right now I'm installing 8.1 with the D: drive disconnected from the computer. I'll plug it in after 8.1 is installed and see how far I get with stock mobo drivers.
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    Okay, I've finally got to the point where I think everything is okay. I'm really weirded out by how long that install took compared to all the others (8.1 reached at midnight, so a five hour upgrade), but my OS environment seems to be operating fine and it looks like my hunch about the drivers was correct.

    While on Windows 7 and 8, my motherboard required it's own SATA and chipset drivers. Apparently, on Windows 8.1, the MS stock drivers are the only ones that work. I was making the assumption that because ASUS didn't supply new Win8.1 drivers I was to use the old win8 drivers. My mistake.

    I've almost finished restoring all my programs and everything is running smoothly. I've backed up with Macrium, which is a godsend compared to the windows recovery tool. Everything's looking up now

    Thank you everyone for their help and suggestions.
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    Post back in a week or two to let us know how it's behaving.
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Back Up Image corrupted my hdd, PC won't boot up.
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