I have installed win 7 home premium but it failed. The screen show error winload.efi 0xc0000428. I have read some forums and threads, something about delete boot entry and set default entry.
So I use EasyBCD 2.2, delete the standard win 8.1 and 7 boot entries. I reseted them (win 8.1-C:\) (win 7-D:\) and set win 8.1 as default.After that i press restart.
The problem is when boot screen is on. Win 7 is continue to fail: error with winload.exe
Win 8 can't load. I mean after i choose win 8 boot the monitor show nothing, only a black screen. No sound. I press the power button it goes off, press again it return back to the boot screen. Please help me to solve it. Oh my laptop doesn't have a cd slot...