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FX 8150 80+ (C) and shutting down a lot

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    FX 8150 80+ (C) and shutting down a lot

    A week or so ago I noticed a very weird whining noise coming from my PC. The only way I can describe it is perhaps a stock horror movie girl scream but not as intense and it wound up if you know what I mean. It wasn't ear piercing, actually far from it but it was noticeable.

    I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Even after sticking my face in the case it was still hard to decipher but it seemed like it may have been coming from the back of the case which is where my PSU is. After a day or two it completely stopped. But after that I can no longer play Battlefield 4 without my CPU going up into the 80s Celcius 170's Fahrenheit and the PC shutting off.

    To be fair I never monitored my temps prior to this but I have been told that is extremely high. I had this thing built during Christmas of 2012. I had not changed the thermal paste at all. I was a noob at computers when this thing was built but now I know so much more. And today I bought new thermal paste and re-applied it hoping to fix the issue. Just an FYI I have a stock cooler. But it hasn't been an issue for 2 solid years. This all started after that whining sound.

    I put a dot in the center of the CPU the size of a pea and re applied the heat-sink. It's been about 4-5 hours since I did that. To be fair when I took the heat-sing off it looked like the person before me put a fair bit more than I did. I just don't understand. But here are a few things for you guys that may help with a diagnosis.

    1) It's a bulldozer series
    2) I just applied new paste
    3) Stock heat sink
    4) It's going to be a very hot week. The upper 90's all week long. If it's hot outside my PC normally breathes harder than normal.
    5) It's over heating even with the top and front bezels off and the left side panel.

    I have a 700W Power supply known as the "CoolerMaster Extreme Power Plus" It's not certified of any kind such as bronze, silver, gold or platinum.

    The current idle temp is 14(C) which can fluxuate anywhere up to the 20s or 30s for a few seconds but it seems to be steady.

    Not sure what else I can give for help here. I did some research and I found that this CPU gets really REALLY hot. I know all CPUS do but this one is kind of severe. I know stock heat sinks could be an issue. I might even have to go to liquid cooling but I am not even OCING.

    Here are some screens for you guys.

    HW Monitor:

    AMD CCC:

    Not sure what else you guys need.

    So far this has only happened when trying to play Battlefield 4. But this is new because I have been playing BF4 since it came out and this never happened until after that weird whining noise. But then again when it's hot outside my PC is hot because it's hotter indoors even with the air on.

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    Cannot tell from your thumbnail, what the temps are. Need a better image to see what they are, or the report. Keep frying the CPU & GPU like that. You are going to need a new motherboard, and other parts.

    What is your air temp. inside the home, when the a/c is on? What is the output temp of the registers if this is Central air. What is temp is the thermostat set on for the a/c. What is the intake temp at the returns if this is central air?

    All of that matters. Our house stays between 68-70 deg farenheit during the Summer. Winter it stays around 66-68. The key is that electronics love cooler air if you can keep the house cool. The hotter and more humid it is inside. The shorter the lifespan of the electronics.
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    What you heard is "Coil whine", it usually happens under overloads. It could come from PSU, MB or GPU. Those coils are in the power supply sections on the MB and GPU. Coils are small transformers or coils in the power regulation circuits and in some circumstances can make noises like that. All by itself, it's not a dangerous condition but can be indication of some other problems, like overloading etc.
    Like broe said, we need better picture of HW Monitor test and while running a benchmark test, data on idle does not provide accurate measurements. FX series is known to provide wrong data on idle.
    Another thing is that factory CPU coolers are barely enough for normal work in temperate climates. I would recommend a decent, at least 4 heatpipe, Aftermarket CPU cooler with one or two 120mm fans.
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    Maybe you have more than a temperature problem. Although 80°C is not a comfortable temperature it's still bellow the die temperature. I'm on water and my CPU cores are normally around 40-45°C, but it quickly reaches 88°C @ 4.5GHz during "burn tests".

    My CPU die temperature (Tj) is 100°. I read in another forum that your CPU die temperature is 95°C, but it's not official. Couldnt find nothing about it in AMD product page.

    Good luck !
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    The reason you can't see the image is because this site takes full sized images and shrinks them and doesn't hyperlink them. Right click them to get the URL for full image. And yes I know I am going to need a new Heatsink but it was just so sudden that this started to happen.
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    You are looking at "Package" temperature that is always much higher because they are measured on the back side of processor. What you need are "Core" temps to make sure that processor is actually overheating at the top side in contact with cooler. There is another possibility although remote. On the processor, there is metal lid on top of the processor itself enclosed in it. It could happen that paste between them has gone sour or dried up or the lid is buckled and doesn't transfer heat properly. When doing some extreme OCing people carefully remove it and change paste to something better and so manage to get up to or more than 10c cooler temps. I also found more than one of those stock coolers to have warped contact surfaces. Careful lapping of the cooler bottom can possibly fix that. Once it starts overheating those things can get worse. Did you run HW Monitor during playing that game ?
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    Today I did everything possible without taking out the CPU itself. I took off the heatsink cleaned it up and the processor. I cleaned out the dust as much as possible on the heatsink and re-applied the paste. I took out my GPU and blew it out. I blew out the PSU fans and PC fans. I am noticing lower temps on idle.

    These are the latest temps after cleaning.

    It got to 72 before I quit battlefield 4 due to fear of shutdown.It is a very hot day today and has been for a while and it will be for a week. When it's hot outside my PC works harder.

    I know something is going on because my game is stuttering as the "Package" temps climb.

    Yes I have been using HW monitor after the first 2 shutdowns.

    Here is CoreTemp (app):
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    The main reason CPUs heat up during heavy use and when frequency jumps when goes turbo is that voltage to it goes up too but according to your HW Monitor it went up just to 1.404 and that's under maximum. Just curious, are you using Cool&Quiet at all ?
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    ::A bit off topic::

    The temperature increase is proportional to the frequence and to the square of voltage. Curiously when the processor is under load in turbo mode, voltage may decrease (vdrop) to avoiding excessive current in the cores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vrosa View Post
    ::A bit off topic::

    The temperature increase is proportional to the frequence and to the square of voltage. Curiously when the processor is under load in turbo mode, voltage may decrease (vdrop) to avoiding excessive current in the cores.

    Yes, vdrop is regulated by BIOS, it happens when power section on the MB cannot supply enough power to CPU, also with LLC setting in BIOS, when set to less than maximun voltage allowed for particular processor.
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FX 8150 80+ (C) and shutting down a lot
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