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How do I run everything as Administrator?

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    How do I run everything as Administrator?

    I am so sorry if this is in the wrong area or has already been answered. I see answers, but I have no idea what a sfc, dism or a UAC is. I just purchased this computer and it has 8.1 on it. So I installed the Classic Shell and started making the start menu more user friendly. However, just like with Windows 7 (but not the same solution) I have a bunch of things that require being ran as an administrator. I am the only person on this computer and when I right click and go to properties, I suddenly have four accounts and I don't understand why. They are, SYSTEM, another with my name and nickname I signed up with but changed back to my name, Administrators then in () is my name\Administrators and one called INTERACTIVE.

    Can I remove all those user names or are they required? How do I permit every single program to run as Administrator? I have seen some solutions for just shortcuts and programs here and there but I want that nasty guard shield gone and be able to run Windows sorta like I did Windows 7.

    If I can delete these accounts, can I do it in properties? I don't want to delete anything until I know what's going on but I purchased the computer and it made me enter a nickname and password. I was assuming that was the Administrator account and nobody else logs on so I'm very confused.

    I'm sure most people come here confused over Windows 8 and 8.1. So please, talk it down, I don't know what those things I listed in the first paragraph are so I cannot figure out what to do to fix it and is there even a fix for all the programs like Windows 7 did?

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    Welcome to the Forums.

    Many services run under SYSTEM. Don't delete it or your machine may not function. If UAC drives you crazy you can move the slider all the way down to Never Notify.

    Press Winkey q then click Settings and type UAC. Click the box Change User Account Control settings.
    That's safer than just using the built in Admin account. If you are absolutely set on doing that see this tutorial:

    Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8
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    Quote Originally Posted by dessertbunny View Post
    Can I remove all those user names or are they required? How do I permit every single program to run as Administrator?
    If you don't know what they are, leave them alone. And if you don't know what they are, you shouldn't be blindly running all apps as an administrator.
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    You do not want to. It allows Rootkits, Trojans, Virus to take a hold of your system. That is why Microsoft has had to build in safeguards into Windows 8. So that the user is protected from bad habits.
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    Thank you all for your replies. I do have the slider all the way down (I didn't know that's what UAC meant), like usual, right now it only appears my game programs all have the run as Administrator. Then and suddenly I had those additional accounts and that really confused me. I don't want to grant permission to accounts I never heard of and I really can't tell which is the Administrator account since two say Administrator. I don't know what some of those things mean in abbreviation, but I do know what they are when I see them. I have been deleting start menu program folders that say something general like "Productivity and..." then creating the folders for the actual program and moving that to the programs list on my Classic Shell Start Menu. I hope that isn't a bad thing. It just doesn't make sense to have different programs under a general folder like a cell phone would.

    I will follow that tutorial. Hopefully the tutorial tells me which are the fakes to delete.

    Again, thanks for your help.
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How do I run everything as Administrator?
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