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Anyway to anchor icons ? To have them stay where put ?

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    Anyway to anchor icons ? To have them stay where put ?

    No matter how I close down Windows 8, the position Windows 8 puts the icons is where the open with. EXACTLY WHERE I DON'T WANT THEM !

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    Phil K: you might be speaking of the so-called Tiles of the Metro start screen. Can't hep you here as I haven't experienced instability of these.

    However, the icons I set on Eight's desktop simply would not reload in their assigned positions. Elsewhere I have read that this is an authentic bug in the Consumer Preview. However, there is a remedy: a little utility called 'IconRestorer'. Here is the link to the free version:

    This app maintains and resets Desktop icons automatically and manually. Cautions: use the default installation folder and install with administrative privileges. To run at startup, a shortcut must be placed in the 'Startup' folder of 'Users', not ProgramData. When you want to set its options, close the running instance and restart the app as Administrator.

    On my 8 IconRestorer starts late in the sequence of loading apps, but it never fails to reset the Desktop icons in my arrangement.

    Best of luck!
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Anyway to anchor icons ? To have them stay where put ?
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