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Have to reboot Windows 8.1 several times

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    Have to reboot Windows 8.1 several times

    Hi Guys

    Im having a nightmare getting my Windows 8.1 to boot properly. I've Had Windows 8 for over a year now! and I was forced to roll back to Windows 7. But now it's time to get it working properly!

    Here is my problem:

    My pc boots to a black screen after windows logo (no cursor or anything) and when it does i have to reboot my pc about 5-6 times before it actually boots properly. Now here's the biggest problem--> when I have made a succesfull boot (after rebooting 5-6 times) i have to shutdown my computer and wait 2-3 hours at least, before i can recreate the error again. This makes the problem solving process even more painful.

    I've tried just about anything that I could find on the web and weirdly enough, My problem doesn't seem to be quite the same as all the other posts -_- ..

    Here's a list of things that I've tried that i can remember:

    • Updated all drivers to latest versions
    • Reinstalled several times
    • enabled UEFI boot (and disabled)
    • Booted with only 1 monitor connected (tried VGA and DVI)
    • disabled fast startup

    (I didn't connect unessecary hardware or had cd's in the machine. Only a monitor, keyboard and mouse)

    I've properly tried more than that, but can't remember it all.

    Does anyone have any idea to what the cause of the problem can be?

    I was told that i should try to connect a monitor using a hdmi cable, because Windows 8 could shoot the signal out of the HDMI port. Can anyone confirm this? could it really be that Windows 8 is THAT stupid? :/

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    Windows 8 might not be THAT stupid but video card drivers could be. Did you try booting into Safe mode ? Video card drivers other than MS ones do not come into play then.
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Have to reboot Windows 8.1 several times
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