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my recent documents can't make shortuct to pin to start

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    my recent documents can't make shortuct to pin to start

    why would they do this? remove my recent docs?

    I just did the 'refresh without losing files or settings' after having W8.1 for like 6 months to refresh. Well I lost pretty much every setting and basically started from scratch minus backing up my files to an external/cloud like a regular full reformat. This feature helped save maybe 5 minutes. and my monitor settings are all messed up, tiny text or scroll bar on the bottom of IE because pages wont fit if I make the text larger, I tried enough fixes that didn't help, I'll just go on craigslist and buy a larger monitor since I Wanted larger than my 19" anyway which might fix the problem just plug and play. the resolution was fine before I reformatted. What a POS OS. I can go on and on and on. MS should be sued for emotional distress for this faulty POS OS.

    So my recents docs is gone we all know, but there are sort of workarounds. I want my recent docs, not recent 'Items' that I was able to pin to start but requires more navigating to get to recent word files etc.

    I did this Just open the run dialog box by pressing Win + R and type in "recent". There you can see your recent activities.
    Note: "Recent places" can be access under Windows Explorer's under "Favorite".
    Also you can create a shortcut of the "recent" at your desktop and then pin it to start menu. For this just right click on desktop and seclect New>Shortcut. In file location type the path

    well when I enter the copied path to the new shortcut, it says invalid. The path is:

    Edit, after just noticing the link above actually doubled the path, I just deleted the duplicate second half and got the shortcut to create and made it work, so just posting this in case it helps anyone else.

    great program that it duplicated the path when I copied it once. Another problem. great!

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    I was also greatly annoyed by this, so I quickly made a tiny app to solve this. Basically once it's running, hitting the Alt+R keyboard shortcut pops up the Recent documents directly under your mouse cursor. You can try it from:

    Index of /files/release/

    The app is called recent8.exe, requires no admin rights and is fully portable.

    Hope this helps.

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my recent documents can't make shortuct to pin to start
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