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    Internet Radio

    As a dedicated late adopter, I recently moved to Windows 8.1. For two days I hated it but, not surprisingly, as I learned to use it I rather liked it. One negative was losing access to internet radio.

    I don't own a television or a stereo system. I have a computer with two 23" monitors and decent speakers. Not outstanding speakers but decent. I enjoy watching movies but I also enjoy music that I used to get through Windows Media Player.

    I have found a few substitutes. One is the old Windows Media Guide on the internet.
    Windows Media Guide | Internet Radio

    Another is "Jango". I get good music but it doesn't have a category for Big Bands and Swing. If you search for Tommy Dorsey you'll find them.
    Free Music Online - Internet Radio - Jango

    I'm just starting to use these sites but they seem to do the job for me.

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    Moving to Win 8 should have little to no impact on whether or not you can enjoy internet radio. There are literally thousands of internet radio stations that can be accessed by any browser. Just open a browser window and search for "internet radio stations".
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    Hi there. Do a search in the Store for radio, music, streaming, and the like. There are lots of apps you can use.
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    I prefer to listen to radio off browser, using MPC-HC . A few of them are here: European radio stations
    Nicely sorted by the gender, location, bandwidth and player's requirement. I like 160 kbps and more.
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    Here is another one
    Home Shoutcast
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    I use TuneIn: TuneIn Radio app for Windows in the Windows Store

    I have a dedicated portable internet radio as well and can synch favorites which is handy.
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    I forgot to mention that I use the Slacker Radio app. I've had an account there for years. Used it on my Droid when I had it. Now on a Windows Phone 8.1.

    The idea of using a walled garden Store app is that we're not laying our system open to crap our systems might get via a browser. It uses less system resources also.
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    A zillion stations and styles, with recording, favorites etc. Really good.
    Radio? Sure! | The Best Internet Radio Player Ever!
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    This box came with one installed. It's currently the one I use. iHeartRadio App - Listen Free on iPhone, iPad, Android, and More
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4wd View Post
    A zillion stations and styles, with recording, favorites etc. Really good.
    Radio? Sure! | The Best Internet Radio Player Ever!
    Thanks, 4wd, I'll give it a try.
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Internet Radio
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