Hi there
I find using the TASKBAR the best way once I'm IN the desktop.

I did find two programs that SHOULD have been on the Start menu missing -- remember most consumer preview users will be fiddling around with the OS so will probably use these quite a lot. Just search APPS and then you can pin them to the start menu and / or taskbar.

1) Control panel
2) Command prompt.

Note also the EASIEST way to get a desktop short cut if you really want a lot of desktop icons is to right click on the tile you want to send to the DESKTOP --say EXCEL. Then choose GO TO FOLDER.

the system wil then find the executable say EXCEL.EXE. You then right click this and you'll be presented with a SEND TO DESKTOP (create short cut).

I don't like a lot of ICONS on the desktop but the task bar is great for stuff I use regularly.