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Desktop make over?

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh4eaton View Post
    @IceFire- first off i like u ur fun to talk to.

    2nd, yes u do see new Gasoline= electric, biodiesel.
    last i checked Texaco wasn't into biodiesel, and the world still runs on gasoline
    3rd, ur point about cars... just take a look at cars from the 90s and the cars now, they r completely different. if u when to a car dealership today and sat down in a 2012 car u would have a hole list of "how do i do this's" maybe the driving part would be pretty close to the same but everything else is completely different.
    while it's true that the audio system has changed, you still use a steering wheel, pedals, gear shifters, and signal lights the same way you did thirty years ago. When you're driving you can take your time to figure out how to play a cd. When you are in rush hour traffic and late for work you don't want to try to remember how to steer, and when you're doing 120 KM/h down the highway you don't want to have to figure out how to stop the vehicle.
    4th, if u look at a computer as a tool (and id be willing to bet only about half of computer customers do) then go down to ace hardware and look at the tools they have there u would notice ur normal everyday tools then u would notice they have tools that r new and improved, like having more than one function or just simply being able to do it better than other tools.
    maybe, but you still pull a trigger to activate a power drill, and you still whammer away at something with the latest hammers.

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    @IceFire-Texaco is not the only one.

    my car point wasnt really about the way the car drives and i said that, it more about the way the car looks and the options the car has and the way u use those options. with brings me back to windows 8, im not saying change the way it works im saying change the way it looks.
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    over the years MS and others have worked hard to make their product work better and faster, and when i seen windows 8 i was happy because unlike most others they have finally changed the way it looks even if it is just the start menu. i would just like to see more change, but not random change i agree it would need to be for the better but still change would be nice. i know i cant be the only one to think that.
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    But what changes? and why? change for the sake of change is a disaster waiting to happen.
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    ok this is just an example of what i mean by a new look. and maybe go a little farther than this.... Windows 9 Installer/UI [CONCEPT] - YouTube skip to about half way though.
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    Believe it or not ...

    Quote Originally Posted by josh4eaton View Post
    @Lehnerus2000-Im not understanding ur point here man. but as far as them dropping the market that makes the profit thats not what im saying, im saying just change it. u cant have the same thing for year and expect to be on top forever.
    Believe it or not, that is exactly what you are saying.

    Businesses don't want their employees work disrupted, unless they are guaranteed that the end result is higher output/profit.
    These days the "productivity turn-around", has to be within a few days.

    Many businesses are still upset about how disruptive the Office "Ribbon" was.
    I regularly read comments (on other forums) from people who say, their businesses will never upgrade from Office 2003!

    Quote Originally Posted by lehnerus2000
    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot
    It would be saying, "Hey, we have a newer and faster version of Windows than Windows 7, but it looks the same and acts the same and does the same thing as before, but faster!"
    That's exactly what Business Managers, IT & Network Administrators want to hear.
    It means improved productivity and ROI.

    They don't want to hear:
    • "All of our staff are going to have to be retrained."
    • "We are going to need more staff for the Help desk."
    • "We are going to have to buy new touchscreen-compatible hardware."
    I have to document a simple IT project, as part of my Networking course.
    The cost per employee is $6,000!

    That doesn't include training, support or loss of productivity (due to employees not being able to generate the same output).
    The cost will probably exceed $10,000 per employee, when these costs are factored in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by josh4eaton View Post
    ok this is just an example of what i mean by a new look. and maybe go a little farther than this.... Windows 9 Installer/UI [CONCEPT] - YouTube skip to about half way though.
    Yeah that demo seems like change for the sake of change:

    App dock on top: from what I can tell there's a perfectly useable taskbar on the bottom of the screen, and the Win7 implementation will operate virtually the same way. all this does is duplicate the taskbar, using big icons that waste screen space. Having the trash can with the apps (on the taskbar) is kind of nice, but a simple right-click -> move to trash works fine.

    Program menu: I can't find anything that will allow me to view all programs. the icons such as Wifi, batterry, and update can do their job fine in the notifications bar. the Windows 7 start menu is much more functial and concise; users don't want to have to look for things everytime they want to do something.

    Yes, that demo is cool. But I can't find any specifc thing that is vastly superior to Windows 7/8.

    Since you're convinced that a completely different interface is needed, I'd reccommend that you use Mac os X or Ubuntu as your main OS for at least a week, which should give you a fresh perspective on what precisely could be changed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by josh4eaton View Post
    along side the start menu i thing they should change the desktop as well instead of just using the same one over and over agian.... xp & vista & win7 they r all the same.
    Who has ever cared about the desktop, or the Start Menu, for that matter? The Windows 7 taskbar is the first and only decent program/folder organizer and launcher that Microsoft has ever created. The desktop is fundamentally flawed because it's modal and hidden most of the time. (The "Metro" thing is just another desktop, only stupider.) The Start Menu is fundamentally flawed because after you laboriously navigate to what you want, it GOES AWAY when you click on something. The Windows 7 taskbar has neither of these problems, plus it adds things like progress indicators and jump lists to the icons stored on it. It finally allowed me to get rid of jetToolbar.
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Desktop make over?
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