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Is anyone on here happy with windows 8?

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    Windows 8 CP

    I have been using Windows 8 CP since it first came out and I have to say I quite like it.
    I had some graphic driver problems at first but they have now been fixed, I find I rarely go into the traditional desktop anymore mostly because I really like Metro, I have it setup into sections. And I use a keyboard and mouse.

    Can't wait to see the finished product.


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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    needs improvement and more features from windows 7
    I would be curious to know what Win7 features you are referring to.
    well for one the trusty old start orb with it's simple menu and easy navigation which is what i missed when i tried windows 8. Saw a post on how to get it back which works out great but wish Microsoft would of just left it there in the first place and give the choice to remove it for those who don't want it :/ . Also the aero glass effect doesn't seem to be as transparent as in windows 7. My main complaints are the interface, don't mind aero but when i'm in desktop mode, its were it upsets me. Other then that I think it's fine but doesn't really inspire me to want to go out and buy windows 8 since everything else is almost the same with just a metro added and the start bar taken away. I'll most likely stay with windows 7 and wait for another release and see if they make some other version of windows I might like more. It's nice for those that like the whole touch screen/metro interface but I rarely use it and am in desktop mode the majority of the time. That's why I believe I will most likely stay with windows7,I will still give windows 8 a chance but so far I don't feel it's worth my money. Mabye because i'm not to use to it so I might warm up to it but at the moment my heart is with windows 7 still sorry windows 8,mabye in the future idk.Once adding the start menu thing it's alot better but I guess it's a matter of getting use to. One plus i can give windows 8 though is the faster boot ups,shutdowns and reboots,that's a big plus. Also for fun I installed it on my spare pc which I don't use as often that runs a old pentium 4 at 2.40ghz and 1gb of ddr ram and a ide drive. Runs pretty efficient with almost no lags after some tweaking. Seems to be more ram and cpu efficient then when I tried windows 7 on it.
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    Vista and Win7

    Hmm, The start debate we had in great length. No news here. And the Aero problem I do not see. But maybe because I run in high def most of the time anyhow.
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    I like the concept, but I really wish Microsoft hadn't decided that all users are idiots and at least given us the option of the regular desktop WITH the Start Orb and Menu if for nothing else but convenience, plus the option whether or not to use the Metro UI for all functions or not.
    In my case and I am sure I'm not alone although I haven't yet found anyone with the same predicament, I would like to have the option of using the old wireless device pairing dialogue.
    In a multi-boot system Bluetooth dongles have problems if passkeys are used across systems so it's best not to use passkeys, at least for such things as Microsoft's own Bluetooth keyboards. It also handles better if the wireless is set to 'Hardware-Based' rather than 'Software-Based' (contrary to Microsoft's "Fixit" solution for that setup). All of those options are present in any operating system up until now but Windows 8 has decided we are too dumb to have those options and does it all for you, one way only, the default way.
    So I am left with having to switch off my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse whenever I boot into Windows 8 and use the wired ones, which would nor normally be kept out of the way for when I enter the Bios or Safe Mode only. If I don't do that I have to pair them both again in each system, and I have 5 of those, plus 2 VM's, so as you can see, it's a total P.I.T.A.
    That's really my only beef about it thus far, as most of the rest can be adjusted or hacked to whatever one prefers.

    As an ex Microsoft MVP I am reluctant to say this, but if I'm still around in 2020 when Windows 7 reaches EOL, I might just switch to a MAC.
    (I can hear the cries of anguish and disgust ).


    Support end date for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are as follows (date in US format: mm/dd/yyyy):

    Windows XP 4/8/2014

    Windows Vista 4/11/2017

    Windows 7 1/14/2020

    By the way I've posted several times on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview forum at Microsoft and thus far the answer, when I've received one from anyone at Microsoft, which is rare, is tough, put up or shut up. (No wonder I'm an ex-MVP).
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    Windows 8

    I agree with Peter … MS should have preserved what was working well in Windows 7 and allowed users the options required to customize the UI to match personal preferences. I find the lack of the Start orb almost enough to never want to use Win 8 for any reason. It takes far too much time and screen real estate to explore my apps. In my opinion, this is a much poorer UI than Win 7, overall (I mean the current combination of Metro & desktop). If the desktop option was an equal player, with all of the functionality and features of Win 7, then I would be happy as a clam. BTW, are clams happy?
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    Toronto, Canada. Born in the U.K.
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    Win 10 Pro + Win 7 Ult SP1 (x64)

    Well at least we know that the Start orb and Menu could be there if they chose to allow was in the first edition of Windows 8. Who knows? This isn't the final version, but it doesn't look promising.

    The last clam I ate appeared to be happy, until it saw where it was going....LOL
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    Hi there

    I'll repeat this "Ad Nauseam" -- but the real Achilles heel of Metro is that each app takes a FULL SCREEN.

    In a business environment this is just NOT ON. -- Many many times you want to compare two (or more) documents / websites etc on the same screen or even on different monitors.

    Of COURSE this can be done via "the classic desktop" but to get to this the user has two do at least one extra step.

    I LIKE the idea of metro but it shouldn't "Hog" the whole screen -- it should also operate in "Windowed mode" with an option to go to full screen if you want it.

    Classic Metro is fine for a small tablet or a smart phone aka Iphone -- but NOT for a classic laptop / workstation.

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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Classic Metro is fine for a small tablet or a smart phone aka Iphone -- but NOT for a classic laptop / workstation.
    The "Metro" thing is Microsoft's reaction to losing the phone and tablet markets. They're betting the company on providing a foolish consistency with the desktop, where the "Metro" thing makes zero sense. Can they make it better? I doubt it. It's at best "meh" on the devices for which it's suited, and it's downright horrible on the PC.
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    Windows 8 Pro ($39.99 upgrade)

    Do Bill and Melissa Gates know about this Metro thing
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Quote Originally Posted by tcman50 View Post
    Do Bill and Melissa Gates know about this Metro thing
    I dunno, but they did know "Bob" very, very well.
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Is anyone on here happy with windows 8?
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