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Is anyone on here happy with windows 8?

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh4eaton View Post
    oh yes i know but when have u ever known microsoft to make anything free?
    There is a stack of free stuff available from MS.
    Windows Live Essentials software.
    Sysinternals utilities (e.g. Autoruns, Process Explorer, Process Monitor, etc.).

    Windows downloads - Microsoft Windows

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    I'm quite glad with it to an extent. Personally, after I uninstalled some media apps, like Music and Video since they kind of suck, and I pinned my Libraries in Windows Explorer to the Start Screen and some of my vital apps; I'm content. Though I find the sidebar Charms UI sort of awkward at time, and I find the fact that some of the metro design elements overlay too awkwardly on the Desktop View. I also think that Start Screen and Desktop View should be meshed together and not segregated so much. Other than that, I'm happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by josh4eaton View Post
    was there a bata for win7 or vista?
    yes yes
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    yes i like win 8 very much i suppose i would be in the minority because i loved vista from the first time i installed the pre betas that were leaked lol

    i like new things and having to learn all the new ways of getting something done.
    and then getting stuck coming here to the forums and someone has already figured it out when it gets the better of me

    thanks brad
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    Some of the 'Desktop' side improvements are good ie Explorer, most of the Task manager etc

    The Metro side of things - not so much.

    Stability wise my laptop is pretty solid with W8, but my desktop has quite a few issues. Still working on Driver vs OS culprit.

    Overall, there are a quite a few steps forwards, a few steps back and a lot of wtf are they thinking?
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    I'm very happy with it on my old laptop - speedy & stable - just have to get used to hitting the "Win" key quite a lot. Virtualbox on desktop is fine to "play" with, but I can't be bothered to do a full dual-boot install as I can't be bothered to re-install programs yet again, until the full, paid version is available. On my old machine - I still can't get Metro Apps to work at all......ho ho!
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    ok when i said (oh yes i know but when have u ever known microsoft to make anything free?) i was just talking about os's, but when i said that i did not know there were batas for win7 and vista.
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    As I recall, the XP and 7 betas expired after a certain time period, but the 8 beta does not. If you use 8's classic desktop, it can give you many of the advantages of Windows 7.
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    Expires 01/2013?

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    yes he is right it does expire.
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Is anyone on here happy with windows 8?
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