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What % do you use the desktop vs. modern UI?

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    I have Windows 8.1 on my 17 inch Dell laptop and on a 12.1 inch Asus B121 tablet. Since each device is used differently there are different ratios.

    My laptop I am 95% in the Desktop mode (even has StartIsBack installed to restore the old Start button menu)

    O my tablet I am about 70% Metro and 30% Desktop.

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    Windows 8.1 consumer 64 bit

    100% desktop, I have no use for metro.
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    Windows 8.1 64 Bit

    Desktop computer: Desktop 99%, Metro 1% (weather)
    Netbook: Desktop 100%, Metro 0% (It can't run Metro apps anyway)
    Phone: Desktop 10% (VNC), Metro 0% (Android)

    MS should choose ModernMix.
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    Win8.1 Pro, Desktop Mode

    On my desktop, 100% desktop.
    On my laptop, 100% desktop.
    On my smartphone, 100% android.

    Total time left over for tifkam, 0.0%...
    Sad Trombone
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    My hybrid has a 3200x1800 resolution screen. Most desktop apps don't scale well at this resolution, but on the modern UI, the display is simply awesome.

    I use the desktop at 1920x1080 when I need to be productive. About 25% of the time, when I'm just chillin', I fold my machine to tablet mode, and enjoy super high-res QHD on the modern UI
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    Eh I use both but I tend to use desktop more.
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    Windows 7 Pro plus Windows 8.1 Pro VM

    100% Desktop. Have no interest in Metro.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

    100% Desktop
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    I'm a recent returnee to the Windows world. Been using Macs and Apple products for quite some time with just a low-powered Windows laptop to run PlayOn and Calibre` servers.

    Now I've got a Surface Pro (1st gen) and just got an HP 23-N010 touch desktop all-in-one with Beats Audio.

    I use mostly Metro apps on the Surface Pro and about a 50-50 split between desktop and Metro on the desktop.
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    100% desktop
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What % do you use the desktop vs. modern UI?
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