Hi all, I have a user with 8.1 on his brand new HP laptop. Iíve never seen this issue in all my years of tech support where photos ONLY show as thumbnails and are NOT visible any larger than that in either Windows Explorer or Picasa (v.3.9). I meticulously went through comparing all security settings and details of files, folders, and user account permissions and such. What is really odd is there is ONE folder of a few photos that are perfectly visible as normally expected. Only one, out of many folders/photo files. And that one folder and its contents have exactly the same file details and security settings as all the others that only will show as thumbnails. All the others only show as the usual Windows 7 & 8.x place holder icon. When maximized in either Picasa or Windows Explorer, the image shows as a big empty gray box, with small red text in the upper left stating the image is not available.

Thanks for any helpful ideas and leads for me to look into.