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Can't do any Searches with Search feature in Windows 8.1

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    Can't do any Searches with Search feature in Windows 8.1

    After a computer running Windows 8.1 was shut down buy turning off the power, I could no longer do any Searches using the OS feature. (The computer was shut down by turning off the power because the OS has a really bad feature of automatically waking up the computer or allowing it to be woke up and then blanking the monitor! Even high level Microsoft Support personnel cannot necessarily find the reason for the automatic wakeup and then because the monitor is blanked, there is no way to shut it down correctly.)

    There were several problem caused by the abrupt shutdown and as far as I know I have fixed all of them using the sfc and dism commands--except for the inability to do any Searches. If I remember correctly, at entry of only one character in the Search box, the Search thing disappears and sometimes I get a momentary blank blue screen.

    I have contacted Microsoft Support about this issue and the third level Support Engineer that was helping me does NOT respond, and neither does any emails to **REMOVED** get a response. (I get the definite impression that Microsoft doesn't really want to help after waiting for weeks to get help! I called Microsoft Support twice and both times I was disconnected later before anything was resolved!

    How can I get the Search issue resolved?

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Can't do any Searches with Search feature in Windows 8.1
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