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Idea (might sound crazy): MS should scrap the desktop completely.

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    Technically, that would be changing the UI of the Desktop. Honestly, if there was a metro file navigator version of Windows Explorer, probably the use of the Desktop would be dramatically lessened. But the Desktop app are a whole other beast to tackle.

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    Windows Explorer is barely adequate for basic file task as it is.

    If they remove any more "stuff" from Windows Explorer, it will be totally useless.
    In that case they might as well eliminate it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HPDeskjet View Post
    Also, scrap the desktop completely and then they'll try and make you pay for every app, oops Tile, you want to download.
    Hang on, I never said to get rid of Explorer. You still be able to do everything you could before, you just can't dump it all on the desktop. Which, if you've ever seen a casual user's desktop, is probably a good thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Travis View Post
    If you did all this, you realize you wouldn't be getting rid of the desktop. You'd just be changing the name and cluttering it up with all kinds of junk, which is how Windows started out, which is why they came up the Start Menu, which then led to Metro, which then led to your idea, which is nothing but a big circle back to 1990.
    Essentially, although, I don't think it's fair to just say that it's cluttering the place up. I don't think Progman was entirely worth throwing away.
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    Well, one man's clutter....

    Your idea would at least make the OS more coherent than it is now. Since you mentioned Program Manager, 8 is essentially going back to that too. I don't think people realize how un-forward Metro really is. Seriously, it's kind of a dolled up Windows 3.
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    I don't understand why some of us insist that we have to buy apps for 8 Preview. I just installed the free suite and it works fine. I've installed a few free games and they work fine. I installed a free Anti-virus that worked fine, although I am now using Defender again. I'm using free Hotmail. I installed two free browsers, although I usually use IE10. I installed the free version of WinPatrol and it works fine. I've also installed free Win 7 themes and gadgets, and they work fine.

    Man, I even got the Win 8 Preview edition for free, and it works fine.
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    @Vince53-for the most part same here.
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    I don't understand why some of us insist that we have to buy apps for 8 Preview.
    That's not what's been said either. Still it's hard to miss things like the store and how they'd love you to sign-in with your live-id should you have one etc. Sure, you can just ignore it but it's all there nonetheless.

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Idea (might sound crazy): MS should scrap the desktop completely.
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