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How to get right click print?

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    How to get right click print?

    Hi I hope this is the right forum, since getting windows 8.1, I find it does not have a right click print option.
    Others I have contacted say theirs does give right click print, is there a hidden menu somewhere to add options to the right click menu please?

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    Welcome to Windows Eight forums, buttonpusher.

    Is this what you're looking for?

    Select - Add or Remove from Context Menu in Windows 8
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    Thanks for the really fast reply HippsieGypsie! Much appreciated.
    I was hoping that I would not need to download anything extra though, just activate the print option by switching something on in the existing program. I tend to be a bit paranoid about downloading third party stuff even though it is recommended, had some near misses in the past
    I can print OK using ctrl p if I need to, just missing the facility I had on XP. Sorry to sound a such a chicken!

    Best wishes buttonpusher.
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    You're welcome.

    Brink's reg files are 100% guaranteed safe, but do as you may.
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    It would be helpful to know where you had the ability to right-click for print in XP. My guess is that you're actually talking about right-click print from within Internet Explorer. I think why others say they can right-click print and you can't is because those others are using the desktop version of Internet Explorer (which does have right-click print) and you are using the Metro or Modern version of Internet Explorer (which does NOT have right-click print option).
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    Good catch. strollin.

    Personally I skipped XP so, I wouldn't know. 98SE to Vista.

    The print option in immersive IE (Modern/Metro) is in Charms > Devices.
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    Hi Folks thank you,
    On my old XP I could right click on an internet item or a word file or a photo to get print, seemed, to work on almost anything just like going file, print, at the top of the page.
    I don't use I E much as I prefer Firefox
    Also notice that the print option on the charm bar often says "can only print from apps"
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    N. Calif
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    If you use the same programs in Win 8.1 to browse the internet, open a Word file or view a photo, you will have the same right-click options in Win 8.1 as that program had under running in Win XP.

    If you use a different program in Win 8.1 than you used for those same things in XP, you will get different results. Win 8.1 sets the default programs for opening files to the Metro or Modern apps which don't support right-click.

    It isn't really an OS thing, it's an app thing.
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    Hey-Ho ctrl+p for me then

    Best wishes from the UK we had dire warnings in the media about ex tropical storm Bertha heading over from the states laying waste to southern England it was a non event though we are still in one piece
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    Thanks for the info, buttonpusher and strollin.

    @ strollin

    You are correct, but right click is supported in both with different results. Right click in Modern/Metro mimics finger gestures with slide menus. Charms is what mimics the Win32 context menu.
    @ buttonpusher

    Yes, there no print on Desktop version of IE as you stated.

    Click image for larger version

    However, I do have “Print” on my right-click desktop context menu by default. Not sure why you don’t.

    Click image for larger version

    The print option in immersive IE (Modern/Metro) is in Charms > Devices > Print.

    Printing in Windows 8 Store Apps

    Click image for larger version

    Anyone can save a page via “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”. I have a choice to save it to OneNote since I have that. Just a tid bit I thought I'd pass along.

    Click image for larger version

    All in all, Ctrl/P works in both.

    Glad you're surviving the storm!
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How to get right click print?
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