HI there

If any of you "Peeps" out there are still using DVD re-writable medium don't always chuck away Discs that fail when you've got VERIFY errors after burning a Disc.

Clean the disc (you can even rinse it with PLAIN WATER !! - dry it with tissue paper - even re-cycled "Bog paper" can be used to dry the disc -- Andrex Soft is the best brand though !!!) and re-format it with the built in Burner in Windows 8 / 8.1. (Ha !!! I'll bet some of you didn't even know it HAD one !!! Gotcha !!).

After cleaning simply remove and re-insert it into DVD burner, start File explorer and on the DVD right mouse click and choose FORMAT. Let it format (often even Discs NERO won't read can be re-formatted by the Windows built in burner).

(We aren't going to USE the UDF format of course but Windows will get rid of some of the broken chains etc / read write unreadable sectors that NERO reports on verify errors).

Now re-burn your .ISO - but use WINDOWS to do it. Right mouse click on the .ISO file in File explorer against the .ISO you've been trying to burn and choose burn image. The Windows burner will come up and also click verify. You'll get a prompt - Disc not empty - erase before continuing --reply OK and ensure verify box is checked.

I've rescued about 9 out of 12 previously unplayable discs -- they all work perfectly.

OK I Know Discs are cheap enough - but it's say Sunday 18.00 and the stores are shut -- and you've promised to copy some movies for friends to DVD for them to play at home.

I've rescued about 90% of previously "Unuseable discs". Windows obviously has some "Secret" method here --Well done Windows 8.1. !!

Note the Windows built in burner simply burns your .iso --it doesn't have any parameters or options like IMAGEBURN or whatever but it DOES seem to be able to rescue otherwise unplayable discs.