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Taskbar issue

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    Taskbar issue

    If you take a look at the taskbar in my screen shot, you will see what appears to be a window that I've opened multiple times. The strange thing is that I haven't. As time goes on more and more of this mystery window appears in the taskbar. When I click to try and see what exactly is open, all of the repeating windows disappear at the same time, before I can even look to see what they are. Never had this until I installed Windows 8. Thanks for reading!!
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    Could it be the album covers as you browse through iTunes?
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    No, I don't think so. I just happened to have iTunes open when I took the screen shot. I haven't figured out a pattern for it yet, but I'm still looking. Thanks for the reply.
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    So, what kind of guitar do you play? I have 2 Ibanez (7 string Universe and SV5470A) and an EBMM Bongo 5 string bass.

    I know you're a musician. Anybody else is highly unlikely to listen to Al DiMeola and Allan Holdsworth.
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    ...or Alvin and the Chipmunks perhaps...?
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    Just Hover your mouse over one of them for a couple of seconds But do not click,it should display a small screen shot of what it is.
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    Just registered predominantly to say, I've noticed the same thing start happening today. Thought it might be related to a program, uninstalled it, but no difference. The taskbar icons are the default program icon as in the screenshot above (except for one as I'm writing this which appeared as an explorer icon). The window preview is blank and it just highlights any open windows when hovered instead of showing any other windows. Some of the icons do appear to be grouped while others aren't.
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Taskbar issue
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