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I really do think that Windows 8 will be a success

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince53 View Post
    We're not old. We're kids with experience.
    You're only as old as your mind wants you to be. Serious.

    When I was about 12 years old, I had a paper route. Every morning without fail, there was an Oriental lady that must have been in her 90s by my best perceptions and guess. She would be in the park doing an exercise routine which included jumping jacks and push-ups. She seemed to do them better than most teenagers would have been able to.

    It's all your thoughts which in turn dictates your physical condition and vice-versa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    A couple days ago, I used my Windows To Go USB drive on my friend's gaming laptop. When I initially showed him Windows 8, he didn't like it and didn't care for it. He's the gamer type, and by gamer type, I mean a Desktop with LITERALLY the ENTIRE screen full of little icons for games from DOS to PSx emulators and DS and PC games. It's gross. And what's even grosser is his Start Menu in Windows 7. OH MY.

    But when I booted up to my Windows 8 drive on his laptop, I told him to use it. So he did for about 20 minutes or so. I had to point out and guide him a little on how to use it. For example, I told him, "Where traditionally is the Start button located?" So after that time period, I asked him if given the option between Windows 7 (which he loves) and 8, he choose Windows 8 only IF it has better gaming performance. He would choose Windows 8 over 7 just to actually use an operating system and its navigation. I told him how Windows 8 will be running on ARM processors and has been found to run games with better framerates than 7, he was sold.

    Now, I post this in the face of how people are going off on the tangent of how "real" people will be using Windows 8 with epic fails. Notice how those "real" people are older and generally will never update their Windows OS unless if the physically computer itself is dead? Older people don't always care about what's best or what's the latest version, they care about if it works or not. It if works, don't do anything, if not; well yeah. Real people that will be using Windows 8 are people in the enterprise, college students, gamers, young people that want something else other than a laptop, families that need a new PC. Those are the REAL people that will be using and upgrading to Windows 8.
    Hi there
    Are you sure you weren't using some of the stuff associated with the First part of your User Id !!!!!

    Enterprises I can almost bet you a trillion dollars to a bucket of a load of B/S will not use W8 for years if ever.

    It's not that there is anything wrong with it but large companies are like Oil Tankers -- they take AGES\ to change anything.

    I still suspect the majority are quite happily running XP and are only beginning slowly to roll out W7 as hardware is replaced.

    There is no way that these companies are going to invest in a lot of trouble, time and expence doing ANOTHER Major Roll out of a new OS.

    It won't be the professional IT contract workers and enterprises using W8 but the very people you seem to think will avoid it -- home users, hobbyists etc.

    As for the average joe --he really doesn't care so long as his surfing, Email and possibly multimedia stuff (including that cr--py Itunes rubbish) works straight out of the box --be it XP, W7 / W8 or whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    (including that cr--py Itunes rubbish)
    Yeah, I laughed.

    My father installed that on his netbook that I admin. I was like, "wtf did you do???"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I guess maybe I haven't been in a lot of large enterprises, but what have YOU seen be used? I'm curious to know.
    It's not as simple as saying company 'a' uses hardware/software abc and company 'b' uses hardware/software def. In most large companies you're going to find a mix of virtually everything, from mainframes to iPads and everything in between. Don't get me wrong, Microsoft software is widely used for many types of application but they share the enterprise with dedicated ERP/CRM/Payment processing/Billing etc. systems.
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    There does seem to be a lot of discussion over who is going to use windows8 but a lot of people won't have a choice. Let us not forget that MS has the monopoly in the retail and OEM sector. Most of the not so tech savvy people who will be buying a new PC from a brick&mortar store after Win8's release will not have a choice as it will already be pre-installed on their machine. We could also see many of this years PCs will get the Windows 8 treatment as stores try their hardest to shift old stock.

    We (the more tech savvy) already now how hard it is to buy a pre-built machine that does not have windows installed from the traditional outlets, so we can expect MS to ship a boatload of Windows8 copies through OEM even if no one at all was to buy a physical disc.
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    Minkin, I'm not sure about that. When Vista came out. MS allowed vendors to continue selling XP, because MS needed the sales money and they didn't want people to go to Apple. New 7 computers might be around for a long time.
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    Yes they did leave the choice to sell old xp machines when vista came out, but they did not make it easy for the stores by announcing the end of support for XP. We (in the uk) found many stores trying to shoe horn vista into sup spec Hardware. It was only with the release of the eeePC that MS decided to extend the consumer support of XP but the desktops were all vista by then.

    With 7 this was much easier for stores as It has a lower minimun spec requirement than vista did and when 7 launched our major retailers pretty much pulled vista off the shelves overnight and upgraded them. MS even offered a massive discount package to upgrade previously sold vista machines to 7 for eligable customers.

    I do hope that both MS and the retailers have learned from the past releases and offer the choice yes. But this is MS after all and they do have a bad case of "classic coke" syndrome.
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    All I know is that for what ever reason Windows 8 is more stable for me than 7 ever was. I can't seem to make this system freeze up or crash no matter what I do.

    After weeks of testing I'm now convinced about this.

    Metro fiasco aside there have been improvements under the hood that make this Op system worth keeping.

    I did find a couple of major bugs along the way though, messing with UAC will wreck the Metro Apps functionality and the Keyboard thing with the faulty HID driver was a ball buster to figure out. Nothing that won't be fixed in future builds.

    It's funny to me that even you Windows 8 bashers keep coming back to this forum over and over again.

    Most of you guys who proclaim to hate this Op system go on and on about it but, I bet you are still using it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    Have a look at our club website and you will get the idea. Hernando Computer Club, Florida
    Simply put, that is just awesome! Great to see people having fun and being brought together like that, over computing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince53 View Post
    Minkin, I'm not sure about that. When Vista came out. MS allowed vendors to continue selling XP, because MS needed the sales money and they didn't want people to go to Apple. New 7 computers might be around for a long time.
    This is true. But it was extremely difficult to find a system with XP preinstalled. None of the big manufacturers offered that option. I remember that vividly because I was trying to track an XP system down for a friend. Everything was Vista.
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I really do think that Windows 8 will be a success
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