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How are YOU using your Start Screen?

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    How are YOU using your Start Screen?

    I want to ask this. How is everyone using their Start Screen? Is it becoming a separate Desktop or is it being used as a full screen Start menu?

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    I'm using it as my start screen with great results.
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    I have no use for it on my main systems or notebooks and I don't need a tablet, so it contains just a single desktop tile. I also use one of the methods, discussed elsewhere here, to bypass the Start page on boot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I want to ask this. How is everyone using their Start Screen? Is it becoming a separate Desktop or is it being used as a full screen Start menu?
    Dual boot Win7 & Win8. Booting into Win8 from time to time to make use of some of the suggestions being shared on this forum but really I cannot see me using Win8 as it stands. I haven't seen any performance improvements over Win7. In fact boot times are longer although appreciate this could be because of my laptop hardware and of course CP is still being developed.
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    Because it is generally dark, and I've put most of the (all rarely used) apps out of the way to the right (and I've tried the customization tool with mixed results), it hurts my eyes switching to a bright app, or desktop windows. I therefore avoid it, and have put some windowed apps in the startup folder to dismiss the start screen shortly after it opens. I need to find the delay registry settings to speed up opening the desktop. I don't really miss the start button, but I find I am using the desktop like I did in XP, rather than 7, with my most used shortcuts there, so It doesn't look as nice and simple.
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    7/8/ubuntu/Linux Deepin

    Avoiding it as much as possible.
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    I use my Start Screen literally as a full screen start menu. I have my needed Libraries, Zune, some metro apps scattered here and there, and Office 2010. It's my vitals, and my frequently used items are on the Taskbar.
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    @ SIW2, same here!
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    Totally ignoring it

    I basically used the W7 betas (from b7048) as my main OS.

    I have no use for this thing.
    I only start it to get MS updates.
    Therefore, I'm ignoring it as much as it will let me (which isn't often enough).
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    Windows 8 works well for all desktop, keyboard, mouse applications. The Start screen, properly organized, in conjunction with the Apps screen is easier to use than the old start menu. Windows 8 will work well for the power user.
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How are YOU using your Start Screen?
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